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2016 Election Archives

Biden’s conversation with chancellor calls for bipartisanship, optimism

Apr. 10, 2018—Former Vice President Joe Biden’s message to a packed Langford Auditorium on Tuesday revolved around two themes: a call for bipartisanship and a plea for Americans to remember who they are.

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Trump not elected by the working class, researchers say

Jun. 30, 2017—President Trump was not elected by white working-class voters, say two researchers who consulted data from the American National Election Studies.

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Vanderbilt experts can talk about inauguration and transition

Jan. 12, 2017—President-elect Donald Trump will be inaugurated Jan. 20. Several Vanderbilt professors have opinions about the inauguration and transition.

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Law professor: An electoral loss hurts, but it’s not a tragedy

Nov. 16, 2016—Progress is still possible if both parties are willing to reach across the aisle, writes Suzanna Sherry in "The Tennessean."

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Expert: Meeting with Russia early in presidency would be a mistake

Nov. 14, 2016—The temptation to quickly arrange a summit between President-elect Trump and Vladimir Putin of Russian should be avoided, says Tom Schwartz of Vanderbilt.

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Bundy acquittal, Trump loss may inspire future militia action: Vanderbilt expert

Oct. 28, 2016—Sociologist Amy Cooter says the acquittal may set a "legal and psychological precedent" for groups seeking to take action against a federal government they mistrust.

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White supremacist activity spikes when Trump talks anti-immigration: Vanderbilt researcher

Oct. 26, 2016—Internet posts by white supremacists websites have spiked in concert with the presidential campaign.

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Expert: Trump’s refusal to commit to honor vote has dangerous precedent

Oct. 20, 2016—There is historical precedent for Donald Trump's refusal to confirm he will accept the results of the presidential election. It happened in 1860 and resulted in the Civil War.

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Trump has sizable and stable lead in Tennessee: Vanderbilt Poll

Oct. 6, 2016—Barring a "cataclysmic event," Tennessee voters will pick Donald Trump to be the next president on Election Day, according to the new Vanderbilt Poll.

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‘Women and Politics’ series to feature Mayor Barry Oct. 10

Oct. 3, 2016—The Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center will sponsor a “Women in Politics” lecture series during October and early November. The series kicks off Monday, Oct. 10, with Nashville Mayor Megan Barry discussing “Women, Politics and Progress in 2016.”

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Election 2016: How in the World Did This Happen?

Sep. 30, 2016—Political scientist Marc Hetherington will analyze the 2016 election at the Williamson County Library Oct. 11 as part of "Vanderbilt at the Library."

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Expert explains the power of implicit bias

Sep. 29, 2016—Biases that people hold below the surface are influencing how they view this electoral season, as well as major political issues. Efrén Pérez is an expert and wrote a book on the topic.

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