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Bree Horrocks: Center and researcher

Feb. 28, 2019—When Bree Horrocks decided she would pursue her final season of college basketball as a graduate transfer, the 6-foot-5-inch center had conversations with a number of interested coaches. Each time, Horrocks let coaches know their programs would be getting much more than a basketball student-athlete.

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Nemo Sanchez: Swimmer and filmmaker

Jan. 25, 2019—Student-athlete Namilla Sanchez is keenly aware of the role proper nutrition plays in performance. She feels the results each time she dives into the pool – and in her ability to succeed in the classroom.

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Open Secrets: How views of public and private life have shifted in America

Dec. 20, 2018—The story made the rounds of social media in an internet minute: Smiling and wearing T-shirts reading “I Got Chipped,” 40 employees of a company in Wisconsin voluntarily received microchips embedded beneath the skin of their hands last year. The company touted the new cyber implants as a convenient way for its workers to log...

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I Am Vanderbilt: Danny Coradazzi

Oct. 17, 2018—Danny Coradazzi strongly believes that the residential college experience plays a vital role in developing the whole student.

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Khari Blasingame: Running back and graduate student

Sep. 28, 2018—Commodore running back and graduate student Khari Blasingame is more than a football player—he's a prime example of the student-athlete experience at Vanderbilt.

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Mogul in the Making: Charles D. King’s entertainment career is turning out just the way he scripted it

Nov. 10, 2017—When Charles D. King, BA’91, first arrived in Los Angeles in 1997, his friends were shocked to hear that he had taken a job in a mailroom. After all, King held degrees from Vanderbilt and Howard University Law School. His résumé was bursting with experience at marquee companies, including AOL and MTV, and he’d built...

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The Science of Our Senses

Oct. 17, 2017—Mark Wallace, Ph.D., drops his glasses on his desk and they land with a metallic clang. He is making a point about autism. “There’s sound energy and light energy that come from the same place in space,” said Wallace, dean of the Graduate School at Vanderbilt University and Louise B. McGavock Professor of Hearing and...

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True North: Minneapolis is becoming a hub for Owen alumni

Sep. 17, 2017—Minneapolis may surprise you. Sixteen Fortune 500 companies call the area home. The economy is diverse and strong. Housing is affordable. The population skews younger than the U.S. average. Then there’s the beautiful lakes—more than a dozen inside city limits—and the top-rated parks system. Three major-league teams. It’s second only to New York City in...

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Chancellor commits Vanderbilt to a big, bold future at fall assembly

Aug. 25, 2017—Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos cemented Vanderbilt's commitment to excellence with initiatives that drive innovation and discovery, unveiling a $30 million investment in faculty at the Fall Faculty Assembly.

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Markets Master: Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman, MBA’93, charts the future of finance

Jul. 11, 2017—When Adena Friedman, MBA’93, took over as CEO of Nasdaq at the start of 2017, making her the first woman to lead a global exchange company, she became the subject of numerous profiles in the financial press. Although each piece explored different aspects of her management style and future plans for Nasdaq, one detail always...

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The House That ‘Corbs’ Built: Former Vanderbilt Players Help Fund New Baseball Facilities to Honor Coach Tim Corbin

Apr. 7, 2017—If you want to get a handle on the game of baseball, a good place to start is with the ball itself, specifically the seams that tie it all together. The 108 red stitches—used by pitchers to alter the trajectory of throws, depending on subtle changes in their grip—are the threads that have bound the...

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Hospice and Heart

Feb. 19, 2017—Frequently busy with meetings, planning sessions and administrative responsibilities, Alive Hospice President and CEO Anna-Gene O’Neal welcomes the chance to slip out of her office and spend time with residents and staff in Alive’s residence near downtown Nashville. On this particular rainy morning, she sits by resident Knox Ownby’s bed and listens as he tells...

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