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Recent books by Peabody alumni

May. 15, 2019—The Flicker of Old Dreams (2018, HarperCollins) by Susan Henderson, MEd’92 Mary Crampton has spent all her 30 years in Petroleum, a small Western town where she lives at home, working as the embalmer in her father’s mortuary. Though some townsfolk pretend the community is thriving, the truth is that Petroleum is crumbling away—a process...

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Peabody People: Shaiza Rizavi, BS’91

May. 15, 2019—Transformative Lens The new Rizavi–Friedland Chair will attract and retain star faculty leaders For Shaiza Rizavi, a money manager and managing member of the New York-based brokerage firm Gilder Gagnon Howe & Co., making a financial gift to Peabody is a matter of creating space for flexibility, choice and freedom. “So much of what I...

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Photo Essay—The Susan Gray School: 50 years of national leadership in inclusive early childhood education

May. 15, 2019—From the very beginning, when ground was broken in 1966 for the John F. Kennedy Center at George Peabody College for Teachers, alumna and psychology professor Susan Gray, MA’39, PhD’41, had argued for a model demonstration school. The Experimental School, as it was originally called, would consist of eight classrooms in the building then known...

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Peabody People: Nyree Ramsey, BS’97, MEd’00, and Asali DeVan Ecclesiastes, BS’96

May. 15, 2019—Neighborhood Rebirth When Nyree Ramsey visited New Orleans in 1995, three words came to mind: “This is home.” “I loved the culture, the food, the sense of community—all things intergenerational,” she says. “My father was a musician, an immigrant from Jamaica, and my mom comes from a close-knit artistic family in New York. I understand...

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Ideas in Action – Recent books by Peabody Faculty

May. 15, 2019—Methods for Teaching in Early Education, First Edition (2019, Routledge) by Jennifer Ledford, PhD’12, assistant professor of special education; Justin D. Lane; and Erin E. Barton, PhD’07, associate professor of special education A comprehensive textbook offering a thorough introduction to early childhood teaching methods, this volume offers a particular focus on inclusive practices. Aligned with...

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Ideas in Action – Thought Leaders

May. 15, 2019—Peabody faculty members frequently contribute ideas to public discourse. Here is a selection from media mentions and appearances in recent months: Inc. Camilla P. Benbow, Patricia and Rodes Hart Dean of Education and Human Development, and David Lubinski, professor of psychology and human development, on their Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth The Chronicle of Higher...

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Ideas in Action – Notes and Honors

May. 14, 2019—H. Richard Milner IV, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Teaching and Learning, delivered the American Educational Research Association’s 2018 Brown Lecture in Education Research. The lecture took place in October in Washington, D.C., and was titled “Disrupting Punitive Practices and Policies: Rac(e)ing Back to Teaching, Teacher Preparation, and Brown.” Milner rejoined the Peabody faculty in the...

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Ideas in Action – Also Noted

May. 14, 2019—Laurie Cutting, Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor of Special Education, has been honored with a $3 million National Institutes of Health MERIT Award from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. The grant will support her investigation of how the neural networks associated with reading, math and executive function interact to predict academic...

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Autism and Innovation

May. 14, 2019—Peabody College senior Claire Barnett, left, poses with autism advocate Temple Grandin before Grandin’s appearance at Vanderbilt in November as part of the Chancellor’s Lecture Series. A senior majoring in human and organizational development, Barnett, who learned a year ago that she is on the autism spectrum, works as an intern at Vanderbilt’s Frist Center...

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Peabody to participate in Bass Military Scholarship program

May. 14, 2019—Peabody College is one of five Vanderbilt graduate schools selected to participate in the new Bass Military Scholars program. Starting this fall, the program will begin funding six scholarships annually at Vanderbilt for eligible active-duty military and veterans. The program is funded by a $25 million gift from the Lee and Ramona Bass Foundation, providing...

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From the Dean

May. 14, 2019—The sky threatened on a muggy afternoon in early September when about 150 of us gathered near the front steps of the Mayborn Building. I was hoping the bottom would not drop out, but the occasion was too important not to celebrate—and also long awaited. We were there to break ground on the first major...

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Strong Connection: A visionary renovation of two iconic Peabody buildings links the college’s progressive past with a bright future

May. 13, 2019—  By Randy Horick, MA’82 Featured on the cover of Paul Conkin’s history of Peabody College is a wide-angle, black-and-white photograph of a multitude assembled in front of two stately brick buildings adorned with classical columns. The group is bunched together and dressed as if going to church on a summer Sunday, with some of...

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