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Vanderbilt Poll: Tennesseans optimistic as Trump era begins

Dec. 8, 2016—Residents of Tennessee are optimistic as they wait for the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, according to the latest Vanderbilt Poll.

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The myth that healthy foods cost more may have a negative impact on consumer choices

Dec. 1, 2016—The idea that healthy foods are universally more expensive drives consumer choices to a degree that it shouldn’t, according to a new Vanderbilt study.

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How copying is done should matter in copyright infringement complaints

Nov. 30, 2016—The method of reproduction should figure into copyright law questions, says Vanderbilt law professor Joseph Fishman.

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Vanderbilt expert predicted rise of white nationalism in 2002

Nov. 21, 2016—The rise of white nationalism was predicted in a book written by Vanderbilt professor Carol Swain in 2002

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Law professor: An electoral loss hurts, but it’s not a tragedy

Nov. 16, 2016—Progress is still possible if both parties are willing to reach across the aisle, writes Suzanna Sherry in "The Tennessean."

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Evolving technologies pose challenge for medical device security

Nov. 14, 2016—Health care has been relatively late to the cybersecurity game and is now behind the curve in addressing such threats, new research by Owen Graduate School of Management Dean M. Eric Johnson finds.

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Expert: Meeting with Russia early in presidency would be a mistake

Nov. 14, 2016—The temptation to quickly arrange a summit between President-elect Trump and Vladimir Putin of Russian should be avoided, says Tom Schwartz of Vanderbilt.

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Expert: Overhaul of ‘crazy’ presidential appointee system needed

Nov. 4, 2016—Overhaul of how political federal employees are appointed is urgently needed, says Vanderbilt Professor David Lewis

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New faculty: Mattias K. Polborn studies the economics of political polarization

Oct. 25, 2016—New Professor of Economics Mattias K. Polborn is interested in how political institutions affect the “political equilibrium”—in particular, the competition between candidates in elections.

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New faculty: Sara Mayeux studies criminal law and advocates for social justice

Oct. 17, 2016—While the biggest legal questions are debated before the U.S. Supreme Court, new Assistant Professor of Law Sara Mayeux is more interested in what happens in less prestigious settings.

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New faculty: Megan Lawrence helps companies improve their organizational practices

Oct. 6, 2016—By understanding the systematic ways in which practices differ from one organization to another, new Assistant Professor of Strategic Management Megan Lawrence hopes her research will help companies learn to adapt and renew themselves as they look for long-term success in changing markets.

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Trump has sizable and stable lead in Tennessee: Vanderbilt Poll

Oct. 6, 2016—Barring a "cataclysmic event," Tennessee voters will pick Donald Trump to be the next president on Election Day, according to the new Vanderbilt Poll.

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