Join the next healthy habit challenge with Vanderbilt’s wellness program Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse promotes social connectedness and positive relationships through its platform by building a support group with peers, allowing members to invite family and friends to join the platform, and creating and participating in challenges. Virgin Pulse challenges immerse employees in an experience where individuals can join colleagues in a virtual competition to become healthier.  

The next highlighted challenge is Fit In Strength, a healthy habit challenge, which will take place July 10-16. Strength exercises can be fun and versatile, and they benefit your body in many ways.  

How to join 

Virgin Pulse is available to all benefits-eligible employees regardless of their enrollment in Vanderbilt benefits. If you have not yet signed up for your free Virgin Pulse membership, you can do so on the Virgin Pulse website or by calling 888-671-9395.   

Once you are enrolled, look for “Challenges” on the Virgin Pulse app or webpage to join Fit In Strength. You will earn 200 points for participating in this challenge. Cumulative points are converted to Pulse Cash, which can be redeemed for gift cards to popular stores, charitable donations or direct purchases of health and wellness products in the Virgin Pulse store. 

Visit the Office of Health and Wellness website for Virgin Pulse FAQs or email for member inquires. 

Why join a Virgin Pulse challenge? 

Vanderbilt’s latest university-wide challenge, Music of the World, which took place April 24 through May 8, is a great example of Virgin Pulse’s mission of health and fellowship. The goal of Music of the World was to virtually travel across an interactive map, unlocking music-related destinations based on total team steps. 

“The challenge was a fun way to get involved in a low-stakes way with a group of people from Vanderbilt,” said Mitchell Furtner, who logged 450,000 steps, the most of anyone in the challenge. “I found it motivating to get more steps and go for extra walks while competing—and many in the office who were not on the same team were having friendly banter and support for each other in getting extra steps in!” 

Challenge results 

  • 73 teams, with 282 total participants 
  • 124,477 average participant steps 
  • 35,948,558 total steps 
  • 17,974 total miles 

Top teams 

  • Controlls!! – 1, 162, 908 
  • TransitionTN – 1,092, 017 
  • VUIT Support Services – 1,017,961 

“We all really enjoyed the challenge,” said a representative from the Controlls!! team. “Our team members maintain and work on pretty much all the buildings on campus. On normal weeks we walk a good bit, but these two weeks we really challenged each other to walk everywhere, as opposed to taking a cart or vehicle. It was very interesting to see how many steps people took throughout their day. This helped us really take those extra steps that pushed us to victory and closer to our 15,000 points.” 

Top walkers 

  • Mitchell Furtner, area coordinator, Housing and Residential Experience (Student Affairs) –  450,000 steps 
  • Wendi Gearing, educational consultant, Department of Special Education (Peabody College) – 440,761 steps 
  • Elizabeth Lambert, associate director, Career Center – 402,482 steps