Manage stress through Vanderbilt’s wellness program Virgin Pulse

April is National Stress Awareness Month. Stress is an inevitable part of life that can significantly affect your wellness. Did you know that your choice of nutrition can affect the way your mind and body function—making you more susceptible to stress? Outside stressors in your life can also make you crave particular foods, leading to bad eating habits and more stress!  

Knowing ways to control stress can better equip your mind and body to cope. Below are a few tips to help manage your stress. 

  • Healthy diet: A balanced diet can support a healthy immune system. It provides the extra energy needed to cope with stressful events. 
  • Mindful eating: When we “stress-eat,” we eat quickly without noticing what or how much we’re eating. Mindful eating practices counteract stress by encouraging deep breaths, making thoughtful food choices, focusing attention on the meal and chewing food slowly and thoroughly.  
  • Regular exercise: Physical activity will help to lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels. Aerobic exercise increases breathing and heart rate so that more oxygen reaches cells throughout the body. 

Virgin Pulse empowers people to lead happier and healthier lives by engaging them in personal, rewarding ways throughout their health and wellness journeys. Virgin Pulse is available to all benefits-eligible employees regardless of their enrollment in Vanderbilt benefits.  

Sign up today at or by calling 888-671-9395.   

Visit the Office of Health and Wellness website for FAQs or email for member inquiries.