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Yesha Yadav

Think Treasuries are risk-free? Not so fast.

Jun. 6, 2019—Oversight of the Treasury market hasn't kept up with new technology, leaving these very safe investments unexpectedly vulnerable to major shocks, says Vanderbilt law professor Yesha Yadav in a new paper.

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Eleven faculty members named as 2019 Chancellor Faculty Fellows

May. 13, 2019—Eleven outstanding faculty members from across the university have been selected for the 2019 class of Chancellor Faculty Fellows. The class is composed of highly accomplished, recently tenured faculty from a wide variety of disciplines and areas of expertise.

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‘Dark pools’ threaten market governance of financial markets

Jul. 14, 2016—The major stock exchanges need new methods of regulation because of "dark pools," trading platforms that allow trades to remain private for a short while, says Vanderbilt finance expert Yesha Yadav.

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Regulators, private investors outpaced by algorithmic stock trading

Apr. 29, 2014—Algorithms able to execute tens of thousands of trades in just fractions of a second are responsible for more than 70 percent of all equity trading volume in the United States.

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Insider trading laws are becoming anachronistic, law professor says

Jan. 8, 2014—Insider trading may be too engrained in the financial system in transactions such as credit default swaps to make banning it feasible, says a Vanderbilt law professor.

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New Faculty 2011-12

Oct. 3, 2011—A complete list of new faculty for the 2011-12 academic year Blair School of Music Philip Dikeman, associate professor of flute B.M., Oberlin College, 1985 M.M., Yale University, 1987 Before joining the Blair School of Music faculty, Dikeman was the assistant principal flute of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra for nearly 20 years as well as...

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