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SustainVU: Slay energy vampires this Halloween

Oct. 27, 2017—Are energy vampires lurking around your home or office, tricking you into using extra energy? Find out which electronics are the culprits.

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10 tips for saving energy at Vanderbilt this summer

Jun. 30, 2014—As temperatures climb into the 90s and higher this summer, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to do their part to reduce energy consumption on campus and at the medical center.

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Green Lights program will monitor Commons’ energy use

Sep. 3, 2013—New Green Lights screens at The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons will display real-time energy use for each residence hall and tell students if the building is meeting its pre-determined energy savings goal.

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Save money, stay healthy with the EPA’s energy reducing tips

Jul. 11, 2012—With summer in full swing and air conditioners blasting, it’s important to keep your health and the environment in mind. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently released its list of 15 Hot Tips for a Cool Summer both at home and at work. The list includes ways to save money, reduce energy usage, remain healthy...

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Soaring temperatures mean it’s time to conserve energy

Jun. 27, 2012—As the weekend approaches, temperatures across the South are expected to soar to 100 degrees or higher. As one of the largest energy consumers in Middle Tennessee, Vanderbilt faculty, staff and students are encouraged to do their part to reduce energy consumption on campus and at the medical center. Slight modifications to energy use patterns...

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Heat advisory means time to conserve energy

Jul. 12, 2011—There are many things you can do to save energy during the summer heat.

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Rand Hall improvements win 2011 Energy Management Achievement award

May. 2, 2011—Vanderbilt University has been awarded the 2011 Energy Management Achievement award by the Middle Tennessee Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers and the Center for Energy Efficiency at Middle Tennessee State University. The award recognized recent energy efficiency improvements to Rand Hall.  Plant Operations improved the heating and cooling system and upgraded the building...

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Vanderbilt University receives ‘A’ rating on new report ranking the top 50 national universities on environmental and social transparency

Apr. 21, 2011—Vanderbilt University received an “A” rating and was one of the top five universities recognized in a recently released analysis of environmental and social sustainability transparency. Using data collected during the spring of 2010 from university websites and other voluntary reporting initiatives, the Roberts Environmental Center (REC) at Claremont McKenna College analyzed the 50 top...

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VUMC taking steps, both big and small, to cut energy use

Mar. 25, 2011—by Leslie Hill in the VUMC Reporter Vanderbilt University Medical Center spends about $38 million per year on energy. That breaks down to $26 million on electricity, almost $9 million on steam and $3 million on water. As such a large consumer, and with Nashville Electric Service rates expected to rise 8 percent in October,...

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