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solar energy

Good Day, Sunshine: Alumni pour their energy into solar power

Jul. 1, 2018—Several Vanderbilt alumni are leading the way to ensure that solar is not just a feel-good energy source but an economically viable one as well. Read this feature from the latest issue of "Vanderbilt Magazine."

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Good Day Sunshine: Vanderbilt alumni pour their energy into solar power

Jun. 8, 2018—Solar power appears ready for its moment in the sun after decades of unfulfilled promise, and several Vanderbilt alumni are leading the way to ensure that solar is not just a feel-good energy source but an economically viable one as well.

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Bright Spot: Alumna Brings Solar Energy Technology to Vanderbilt’s Tennis Center

Mar. 7, 2017—When the sun shines at Vanderbilt’s Brownlee O. Currey Jr. Tennis Center these days, it means a little more to former player Marie Casares, BE’15. Two years ago, while Casares was still in school, the civil engineering major wrote a proposal to install solar panels atop the Currey Tennis Center and submitted it to Vanderbilt’s Green Fund, which designates money for student-led energy conservation projects.

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California’s solar incentive program has had only modest impact on adoption rates

Apr. 7, 2015—California's aggressive incentive program for installing rooftop solar-electric systems has not been as effective as generally believed according to a new analysis.

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Tennessean op-ed: Solar energy is still in shadows

Aug. 20, 2013—More can be done with sun-powered electricity source, writes Dennis Hall, vice provost for research, dean of the Graduate School, professor of physics and professor of electrical engineering.

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Spinach power gets a major boost

Sep. 4, 2012—Vanderbilt researchers have combined the photosynthetic protein that converts light into electrochemical energy in spinach with silicon, the material used in solar cells, in a fashion thatproduces substantially more electrical current than has been reported by previous "biohybrid" solar cells.

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High school students turn blackberries into solar cells

Mar. 21, 2012—VINSE is starting new high school field trip program where they will have students create a solar cell out of blackberries and raspberries.

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Solar installation combines student initiative, renewable energy technology

Sep. 23, 2011—An innovative solar energy installation now adorns a concrete silo at the Vanderbilt co-generation power plant. The unique, 8.16-kilowatt, student-initiated solar project – made possible by funding from the Vanderbilt Green Fund – incorporates renewable energy technologies while providing access to usable, real-time electricity generation data that will be available to the public online. Last...

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Kane Jennings: Solar Energy Conversion Inspired by Nature’s Engineering

May. 17, 2011—Watch video of G. Kane Jennings, associate professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, speaking at the Commencement 2011 Faculty Seminars. He received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University in 1993, his M.S. in Chemical Engineering Practice from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1996, and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute...

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