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Post-Election 2016: Beyond the headlines

Oct. 20, 2016—Vanderbilt professors John Geer, Efrén Pérez and Tracy Sharpley-Whiting discuss the 2016 presidential election.

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Harsh immigration rhetoric pushes Latinos away: Survey

Mar. 4, 2016—When Latinos hear tough talk about immigrants and immigration from politicians, their level of political trust is reduced and they start identifying more with their ethnic group than other qualities such as class or religion.

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Sexism rules in the ballot booth unless voters have more information

Nov. 9, 2015—Female candidates have to be more qualified than their male opponents to prevail in an election because many people don’t see women as leaders, according to research that reveals hidden bias that can emerge in the voting booth.

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Trends indicate Asian Americans should be turning Republican – but they’re not

Jun. 11, 2014—It's a puzzler that political scientists want to understand and strategists want to exploit: Asian Americans lean decidedly to the Democratic Party, despite many factors that indicate they should be a natural fit for the Republicans.

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‘Morning Joe’ team will discuss future of Republican Party at Vanderbilt University event

Nov. 11, 2013—Joe Scarborough and his "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski will share a nuanced examination of the unexpected rise and what Scarborough describes as the "self-inflicted fall" of the Republican Party during a Dec. 2 Chancellor’s Lecture Series event at Vanderbilt University.

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Power of the press: Can the media influence voting behavior of legislators? New Vanderbilt research says “yes.”

Feb. 28, 2013—Whether politicians and the press seem like friend or foe, elected officials regularly use news outlets to share and defend their views to the public. New research from Vanderbilt University finds certain media actually influenced the voting behavior of politicians.

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Romney foreign policy would not be focused on Israel and Middle East

Jun. 8, 2012—As a Mormon, Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs have a basis on the American continent.  Assistant Professor of Religious History Kathleen Flake explains how that might affect the Middle East and Israel. View 2012 election expertise information for Kathleen Flake>> Visit ElectionVU to find all Vanderbilt experts on the 2012 election>>

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Political divide: Why health care is the issue on which Americans may never agree

Apr. 10, 2012—Of all the issues being debated by politicians, lawmakers and voters, funding health care may be the issue on which no one can agree.

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VUCast Newscast: Louder Than a Bomb

Feb. 10, 2012—This Week on VUCast, Vanderbilt’s weekly newscast  highlighting  research, experts, students, sports and everything Vanderbilt: How the Louder Than a Bomb poetry slam changed a Vandy student’s life How the GOP can attract Latino voters  Dancing with the Dore baseball stars!

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Vanderbilt experts discuss hot-button issues tied to GOP presidential debates

Jan. 12, 2012—Vanderbilt experts are available to discuss negative campaigning, religious bias among candidates, patriotism and the Bible, the GOP's stance on immigration and how to eliminate bias in political polling.

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The role the immigration debate will play through the election cycle

Nov. 28, 2011—The tenor of the immigration debate will probably change as the candidates get closer to the general election. Assistant professor of political science Efrén Pérez explains why the immigration debate is likely to evolve. View 2012 election expertise information for Efren Perez >> Visit ElectionVU to find all Vanderbilt experts on the 2012 election >>

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Researcher: Republicans are fumbling the immigration issue

Nov. 28, 2011—When the Republican presidential candidates ramp up anti-immigrant rhetoric this campaign season, they are likely to alienate conservative-leaning Latinos.

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