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VUCast: A Taste for the Tea Party?

Jul. 8, 2011, 12:01 PM

See new Vanderbilt research on who makes up a Tea Party supporter. Plus, learn what hip hop is doing for kid’s health and discover Vanderbilt’s ties to the new X-Men movie!

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  • Marge1917

    This is the most biased “research” I have seen in a long time. Might you have picked more pejorative adjectives?  Might you not have used: responsible, fiscally aware, self-reliant,  instead?  Why don’t you move to Cuba or Venezuela and enjoy those terrific “changes” instead?

  • Resbpanke4

    So you say that you’d like the political discourse to be less “anti”, i.e., less anti-liberal and less anti-Obama (who by the way is a professed liberal and redistributionist).  So I say that the Tea Party is less-anti and more-positive than either the extreme liberal and extreme conservative as they are positively working towards these professed objectives:  1) smaller government and less government spending.  2) a balanced federal budget, ironically just like the one used by most households in this country.  3) control of our borders (i.e. opposed to “illegal” immigration and not just anti-immigration). 4) lower tax rates (which, by the way, would actually increase revenues to the government and help solve this country’s economic problems).  How did you do this “research”?  Didn’t you ask any of these Tea Party Members what they stood for?  As for your comment about them being just like the GOP, how about all of the trouble the newly elected congressmen gave Boehner during the debt-extension debate? My recollection is that the press labeled them as “Tea Party Radicals” and not “in-step-Republican-sycophants”.  Doesn’t sound “just like the GOP” to me.

  • 1978grad

    I agree with Marge1917.  If this is the sort of biased research that Vandy is involved in, I’ll reconsider alumni giving, just as many Yale graduates no longer contribute to Yale.

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