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renewable energy

Vanderbilt defines the pathways for solid-state battery development

Jun. 19, 2020—Vanderbilt researcher Kelsey Hatzell leads the discussion on the future of solid-state batteries.

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$3.3 million project aims to transform grid management with risk metrics for renewables

Jun. 17, 2020—The goal of the project—Risk-Aware Market Clearing—is a blueprint for an end-to-end, data-driven approach that balances cost and minimizes system-level risk. Market clearing is the process that keeps the supply level to the demand with no leftover of either.

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Love Circle energy park project to reach five years of continuous operation

Jul. 27, 2017—On Aug. 1, the renewable energy pilot facility atop Nashville’s Love Circle—a joint venture between the Vanderbilt School of Engineering and Metro Water Services featuring a wind turbine and solar panels—will complete five years of continuous operation.

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New AAU energy research webpage features VU research

Feb. 7, 2017—Vanderbilt researchers who “MacGyvered” high-performance batteries from junkyard scraps are featured in a new webpage on energy research created by the Association of American Universities.

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Anatomy of a microscopic wood chipper: New observations reveal how an individual cellulase enzyme operates

Dec. 10, 2015—Biomolecular engineers at Vanderbilt University have obtained the most detailed measurements ever made of the behavior of an individual cellulase enzyme as it decomposes cellulose, the most plentiful polymer on the planet. Improved understanding of how cellulases work could be the key to producing advanced biofuels that can replace gasoline for powering vehicles.

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Vanderbilt researchers, students part of inaugural SEC symposium on renewable energy

Feb. 13, 2013—Two Vanderbilt professors were among the energy experts at the inaugural SEC Symposium, and Vanderbilt’s Aerospace Club represented the university in the SEC showcase.

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October winds offer students good view of turbine action

Nov. 30, 2012—Students from the School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt trekked about three miles from campus to the School of Engineering’s wind-solar alternative energy site to see a wind turbine in action atop Love Circle hill in Nashville.

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