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Vanderbilt faculty ranked among top influencers in education

Jan. 11, 2018—Seven professors on the faculty at Vanderbilt's Peabody College of education and human development are once again included in the annual Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings.

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Research-practice partnerships strengthen ties with Vanderbilt faculty

Aug. 17, 2017—Education researchers shared knowledge with representatives of research-practice partnerships from across the nation.

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Vanderbilt and TN Department of Education partner to support school improvement

Oct. 20, 2016—The Tennessee Education Research Alliance will carry out research with clear, practical implications for the state’s key education strategies.

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MEDIA ADVISORY: Vanderbilt, TDOE to launch new research alliance

Oct. 4, 2016—The Tennessee Education Research Alliance will be rolled out at an Oct. 20 reception.

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Media Advisory: Pre-K panel is Sept. 24

Sep. 22, 2015—A panel discussion will continue the discourse on prekindergarten issues facing policymakers.

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Expert panel proposes means of preventing misbehavior in schools

Apr. 15, 2015—At the Peabody Research Institute’s annual mini-conference, education researchers addressed different aspects of misbehavior in schools.

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PRI’s The World: Does the West have a monopoly on romantic love?

Feb. 13, 2014—Some scholars still believe that romantic love was invented by European troubadours in the Middle Ages, and that people outside of the western tradition don’t really experience it. Ted Fischer, professor of anthropology, decided to test that theory. The verdict? Everybody loves.

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Pregnant women less likely to gain excessive weight when prenatal care is communal

Jan. 20, 2014—Women with access to group prenatal care may have the edge on maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy, compared to those who receive traditional prenatal care, according to the results of an innovative new Vanderbilt study.

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New evaluation process offers better outcomes for juvenile offenders

Sep. 26, 2013—Peabody researchers are partnering with juvenile justice systems around the country to improve outcomes for young offenders.

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$10M grant establishes center to boost outcomes for children with learning disabilities

Aug. 27, 2013—A team of Vanderbilt professors will develop new math and reading strategies aimed at improving student success with the support of a new $10 million federal grant.

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TIPSHEET: Likely return of PRI to power in Mexico raises questions

Jun. 28, 2012—Vanderbilt political science professor Jonathan Hiskey can speak to print reporters about the July 1 election in Mexico.

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