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‘Snooze button’ on biological clocks improves cell adaptability

Feb. 17, 2013—The circadian clocks that control and influence dozens of basic biological processes have an unexpected “snooze button” that helps cells adapt to changes in their environment. A study by Vanderbilt University researchers published online Feb. 17 by the journal Nature provides compelling new evidence that at least some species can alter the way that their...

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Vanderbilt research contributes to new theory about the birth of wide binary stars

Dec. 13, 2012—Research by Professor of Physics and Astronomy Keivan Stassun and postdoctoral scholar Saurav Dhital has contributed to a new theory about the formation of wide binary star systems. Stassun explores the research in a “News and Views” column in the current issue of Nature.

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Vanderbilt researchers help reveal complex role of genes in autism

Apr. 4, 2012—Mutations in hundreds of genes involved in wiring the brain may contribute to the development of autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

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Investigators seek clues to resistance to melanoma drug

Jan. 26, 2012—Investigators at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center and several other centers may be one step closer to finding out why some melanoma patients relapse after treatment with a promising new drug.

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Four new Alzheimer’s genes uncovered

Apr. 4, 2011—Vanderbilt researchers, who helped organize a consortium including the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, and the Boston University School of Medicine, have identified four new genes linked to Alzheimer’s disease. The findings, released today by Nature Genetics, effectively double the number of genes known to contribute...

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Carbon labeling: putting the power in consumer’s hands

Mar. 29, 2011—A private carbon labeling system could help make a dent in greenhouse gas emissions by leveraging consumer purchasing power.

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Future of the Parable of the Lost Sheep

Mar. 3, 2011—Bob Scherrer is bicultural: Not only is he a practicing theoretical physicist, but the chairman of Vanderbilt’s physics department is also a published author of science fiction. Several years ago we did a story about his split personality. Normally, Scherrer keeps his physics and science fiction efforts separate. So far he has published eight science...

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