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Vanderbilt archaeology students unearth university’s earliest history

Nov. 2, 2015—A project excavating early servants’ quarters is capturing clues about Vanderbilt lives that would otherwise be forgotten.

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First In: First-Generation College Graduates Share Their Stories

Aug. 18, 2015—Students who are the first in their families to graduate from college defy easy categorization. Nearly 40 percent of undergraduates at four-year colleges in the U.S. are the children of parents who did not attend college, transcending clear lines of race, geography and gender. And while the median household income of first-generation students tends to lag behind their classmates at...

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Class of 2015: Nora Pertz follows her musical passions abroad

Apr. 23, 2015—At 14, Nora Pertz began pestering her mother to let her study abroad. And ever since her high school piano teacher found the program in Vienna, Austria, in which Pertz studied piano the summer before starting Vanderbilt, she has never looked back.

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Class of 2015: Simeng Miao finds encouragement in mentorship and research

Apr. 23, 2015—When Simeng Miao was a first-year student living in Hank Ingram House, she often spent Friday evenings in the residence of faculty head of house Dr. Kyla Terhune. For Miao, who had long dreamed of becoming a physician, the relationship was significant.

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Medical student follows call to practice family medicine thanks to scholarship support

Apr. 22, 2015—A Canby Robinson Society scholarship enabled Mary Masterman to attend Vanderbilt and pursue her dream of practicing family medicine without the worry of impending debt.

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Vanderbilt helps Arts and Science student frame his world view

Apr. 22, 2015—Born in a northwest suburb of Chicago to parents who immigrated to the U.S. from southwestern India, Shawn Albert realized early on that he wanted to travel the world.

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Inaugural Chancellor Faculty Fellows named

Feb. 12, 2015—Fifteen faculty members hailing from a diverse cross section of disciplines have been selected as the first cohort of the Chancellor's Faculty Fellows program.

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