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income inequality

Global tennis champion Venus Williams to deliver Senior Day address

Nov. 30, 2018—Venus Williams—an international tennis champion, entrepreneur and author—will receive the Nichols-Chancellor’s Medal in May 2019, when she addresses graduating seniors at Vanderbilt and their families.

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren tells law students to ‘use your voices’

Mar. 31, 2017—Vanderbilt law students were visited March 31 by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who urged them to fight for the uplifting of the middle class.

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Tie free trade agreements to economic equality: Vanderbilt researcher

Feb. 15, 2017—Citizens would be more supportive of free trade deals if provisions were made in the agreements to combat income inequality, says Vanderbilt law professor Timothy Meyer.

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Income inequality is making Americans sick, Metzl says

Feb. 10, 2014—Vanderbilt researcher Jonathan Metzl has coined the term "structural competency" as a starting point for doctors to realize how medical problems are often downstream results of upstream societal decisions.

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Expert available to discuss UAW organizing efforts in South

Oct. 21, 2013—Labor organizing victories in Southern states could have far-reaching political implications for the region and the nation, according to Vanderbilt University labor sociologist Dan Cornfield.

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