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Vanderbilt expert can explain modern white nationalism in the U.S.

Jun. 19, 2015—Anthropologist Sophie Bjork-James can provide context to the white supremacist beliefs believed to have motivated Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof.

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Vanderbilt experts can provide context on black church history and significance, mass shootings and mental health

Jun. 19, 2015—Dennis Dickerson, Sandra Barnes and Jonathan Metzl are available to provide valuable context to the tragedy in Charleston.

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Supreme Court experts ready to discuss upcoming decisions

May. 28, 2015—Vanderbilt legal experts are available to talk about the latest Supreme Court decisions.

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James Holmes mass shooting trial – mental health and gun violence expert available

Apr. 22, 2015—Jonathan Metzl is an expert on gun violence and mental illness. And he has new research that specifically addresses issues surrounding mental illness and mass shootings.

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Human trafficking researcher can comment on bipartisan bill

Apr. 21, 2015—Human trafficking expert Cecilia Hyunjung Mo is optimistic about the progress being made on a bipartisan bill to fight human trafficking. But she says additional steps must be taken by lawmakers, companies and consumers.

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Vanderbilt expert can speak about police ‘testilying’

Apr. 8, 2015—A shooting in South Carolina illustrates how recording technology is changing the fallout of some police-suspect interactions.

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Vanderbilt expert: Corker taking judicious approach toward Iran

Apr. 8, 2015—Media Note: Vanderbilt has a 24/7 TV and radio studio. The studio is free for Vanderbilt experts, other than reserving fiber time. More information » U.S. Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee is working to protect congressional prerogative on any nuclear agreement with Iran while avoiding the grandstanding tactics of some of his Senate colleagues, a...

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State of the Union address – Vanderbilt experts available

Jan. 19, 2015—President Obama is set to talk to the nation on Jan. 20 for his State of the Union address. Vanderbilt has an array of experts available to comment.

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What is the good life?

Dec. 29, 2014—Looking at similarities between different cultures can tell us a lot about what "the good life" means for everyone, says anthropologist Ted Fischer.

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Vanderbilt expert: U.S. normalization of relations with Cuba ‘hugely important, long overdue’

Dec. 18, 2014—The breakthrough in Cuban-United States relations is important and overdue, says historian Jane Landers of Vanderbilt.

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Social media partly to blame for busybody culture, says professor

Nov. 21, 2014—Philosophy professor John Lachs blames the explosion of social media, talking heads on the airwaves, and "helicopter" parents for a busybody culture in which too many individuals meddle in other people's lives.

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Racism expert available to comment on Ferguson

Nov. 19, 2014—Sociologist Tony Brown studies the pernicious and persistent effects of racism in the United States and is available to comment on the issues that have shaped and will continue to shape events in Ferguson, Mo.

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