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Vanderbilt announces plan to demolish towers on West End Avenue

Jun. 24, 2019—Vanderbilt University will bring down one of its tallest campus buildings when it conducts a controlled implosion of the Carmichael West Tower 3 residence hall on Saturday, July 27. The removal of Carmichael Towers 3 and 4 this summer to make way for three new residential colleges in the West End Neighborhood aligns with Vanderbilt’s Academic Strategic Plan, a key pillar of which is to strengthen the undergraduate residential experience, as well as FutureVU, the university’s initiative to enhance the places on campus where community members live, work and learn.

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Vanderbilt among founders of EdPrepLab, new teacher and principal preparation initiative

Jun. 21, 2019—Vanderbilt University is among 15 institutions in the country to serve as a founding program partner of the Educator Preparation Laboratory (EdPrepLab),a new initiative by the Learning Policy Institute and Bank Street Graduate School of Education. EdPrepLab is intended to help educator preparation programs ensure that new teachers and leaders enter the classroom able to provide...

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Black men in same sex relationships seek church, internet, for support

Jun. 21, 2019—According to research by sociologist Sandra L. Barnes, many black men in same-sex relationships seek the church and online groups for spiritual support.

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Walking the red carpet at Cannes … for class credit!

Jun. 20, 2019—A group of Vanderbilt students from a diverse array of majors took part in “the experience of a lifetime” when they participated in a faculty-led Maymester class that took them across France, including a stop at the Cannes Film Festival. Rising junior Caroline Crawford reflects on the experience.

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Computer model illuminates critical moment in Drosophila development

Jun. 19, 2019—A computer model of forces exerted by cells during development of a fertilized egg into a fruit fly larvae holds promise to help scientists understand the morphogenesis of organisms that are much more complicated. Shane Hutson, professor of physics and biological sciences and chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, said the model sought...

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Ediacaran dinner party featured plenty to eat, adequate sanitation, computer model shows

Jun. 19, 2019—“They are behaving like animals, and that’s a link between them and what we recognize as animals," says paleontologist Simon A.F. Darroch.

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Vanderbilt engineers tripped people 190 times, but it was for a good cause

Jun. 19, 2019—The automatic stumble response, so natural for most people, is virtually impossible for those who use prosthetic legs, simply because even state-of-the-art prosthetics cannot adapt to stumbling.

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Why are STEM students abandoning academic career paths?

Jun. 18, 2019—Vanderbilt researchers have found that many Ph.D. STEM students today do not pursue an academic career track because of the pressure-filled norms and culture of the tenure process.

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Vanderbilt, Nashville Fire Department team up for unique training opportunity at university’s Carmichael Towers

Jun. 17, 2019—More than 800 Nashville firefighters from across Davidson County will participate in a unique training opportunity on the Vanderbilt campus June 18-29, when they conduct high-rise fire response drills in the university’s Carmichael West Tower 4 residence hall, slated for demolition later this summer.

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Churchwell named interim vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion and chief university diversity officer

Jun. 14, 2019—André L. Churchwell, chief diversity officer for Vanderbilt University Medical Center and senior associate dean for diversity affairs in the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, has been named interim vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion and chief diversity officer for Vanderbilt University.

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Quick DNA test for malaria drug resistance is life-saver, holds promise for other diseases

Jun. 12, 2019—Doctors formerly had to extract the malaria parasite’s DNA first, virtually impossible to do in rural, low-resource areas.

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Eleven students chosen as newest Ingram Scholars

Jun. 11, 2019—Nine incoming first-year students and two rising sophomores have been selected for the newest class of the Ingram Scholarship Program. They are among more than 1,200 students who applied for the prestigious merit scholarship program.

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