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Fine Arts Gallery presents portraits by Everett Raymond Kinstler

Feb. 23, 2018—The Fine Arts Gallery presents its exhibit "America Creative: Portraits by Everett Raymond Kinstler" beginning March 23.

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Vanderbilt exhibit pays tribute to lesser-known abstract artist

Jun. 6, 2017—A student-curated exhibition of works by artist Morris Davidson, who was passionate about abstract painting, can be seen at the Fine Arts Gallery through Sept. 17.

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Travel Europe through art at new Fine Arts exhibition

Jun. 5, 2017—The Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery presents "American Artists and the Legacy of the Grand Tour, 1880–1960," opening June 15.

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Art department presents Cusomato’s ‘Frontier’ exhibit Feb. 16–March 17

Jan. 26, 2017—The Department of Arts presents 'Frontier,' an exhibit of paintings by Vanderbilt Senior Lecturer of Art Farrar Hood Cusomato, Feb. 16–March 17.

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Student-curated exhibit ‘Out of the Vault’ on view at Fine Arts Gallery

Apr. 28, 2016—"Out of the Vault: Stories of People and Things," an exhibition curated by Vanderbilt students that explores the dynamic relationships among objects, individuals and communities, is currently on view through Sept. 9 at Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery.

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‘Meet the Fergusons’ spotlights work of Nashville artist

Sep. 9, 2015—Works by Nashville African American artist Samuel Dunson Jr. are featured in "Meet the Fergusons," an exhibition at Vanderbilt Divinity School Sept. 17 through Nov. 12.

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Technology enhances perceptions at Vanderbilt Libraries exhibition

Aug. 24, 2015—"Picturing Our World," a new exhibition at Vanderbilt Libraries, juxtaposes recent technological advances with more traditional images of the universe and our place in it.

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Vanderbilt Divinity hosts ‘Subjects with Objects’ exhibition

Aug. 29, 2014—"Subjects With Objects" by Jonathan Richter and DKM will be on display at Vanderbilt Divinity School Sept. 4 through Nov. 13.

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Images from Donna Ferrato’s “I am Unbeatable” at the Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery

Aug. 26, 2014—Please click on an image to view a high-resolution version.

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Employee art show winners announced

Sep. 21, 2011—A crowd of Vanderbilt staff members, faculty and their families gathered Sept. 20 at Vanderbilt Health One Hundred Oaks’ gallery wall, where the winners of the National Arts Program’s Third Annual Exhibit and Competition were announced. The event was open to all Vanderbilt employees and their families and was designed to give artists at all...

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Sen. Lamar Alexander to preview ‘Come on along’ exhibit at Vanderbilt Library

Sep. 14, 2011—A preview of the exhibit, "Come on along: Lamar Alexander’s Journey as Governor," will take place Friday, Sept. 16, from 11 a.m. to noon at Vanderbilt's Central Library. Sen. Alexander, who served as governor of Tennessee from 1979 to 1987, will offer an informal tour of the exhibit and be available to answer questions from the media.

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Listen: “Sixties at 50” draws on Vanderbilt Libraries’ unique treasures

Nov. 8, 2010—“The Sixties at 50,” an exhibition of video, photos and other treasures from one of society’s most significant decades, is on display at the Vanderbilt University Central Library and Special Collections. The exhibition was curated by a team of Vanderbilt subject librarians and technology staff under the guidance of Celia Walker, director of special projects. “The...

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