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Images from Donna Ferrato’s “I am Unbeatable” at the Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery

by | Aug. 26, 2014, 10:00 AM

“I Am Unbeatable–Documenting and Celebrating Stories of Empowerment: Photographs by Donna Ferrato,” will be on display at Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery through Dec. 4.

Please click on an image to view a high-resolution version.

Man striking woman in front of mirror

Garth and Lisa: In the Bathroom, plate 1, 1982 (Donna Ferrato)

Police officer in uniform at exhibit

Mark Wynn at the Tennessee Medical Assoc. Exhibition, “Living With the Enemy,” 1995 (Donna Ferrato)

Boy pointing at shirtless man being arrested in home

Diamond, the Boy who Said No to his Father, for Hitting his Mother, 1987 (Donna Ferrato)

Close-up of woman with two black eyes

Ruth, My First Unbeatable Woman, 1983 (Donna Ferrato)

Woman with long hair and tattoo wearing black tank top and smiling at camera

Sarah Augusta, 26, Finally Free from Abuse, 2012 (Donna Ferrato)

Woman on tire swing with children looking on in front of house

Sarah’s New World, 2013 (Donna Ferrato)

Mother, daughter, and son standing in the rain

Sarah with her Family attend the “Meet Us at the Bridge” Ceremony, 2013 (Donna Ferrato)

Man in glasses hugging woman with sunset glare over their shoulder

Tommy and Sarah, 2014 (Donna Ferrato)

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