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Vanderbilt undergrads create Bazaar, a Craigslist for universities only

Apr. 27, 2015—Just in time for college move-out season, two Vanderbilt University computer science seniors are introducing an app that should make selling all those textbooks, beanbag chairs and outdated laptops a lot easier.

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California’s solar incentive program has had only modest impact on adoption rates

Apr. 7, 2015—California's aggressive incentive program for installing rooftop solar-electric systems has not been as effective as generally believed according to a new analysis.

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Computer science student receives Symantec Graduate Fellowship

Apr. 6, 2015—Computer science graduate student Bo Li has been awarded a Symantec Research Labs Graduate Fellowship. She is one of three recipients nationwide of the prestigious fellowship.

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New free Vanderbilt course to teach computer programming to beginners

Apr. 1, 2015—A new free massive open online course, or MOOC, is being offered by Vanderbilt University that will teach computer programming to those with little or no previous experience this spring.

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Pantelides elected electrical engineering association fellow

Dec. 9, 2014—Sokrates Pantelides has been elected a 2015 fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. His election brings the total number of IEEE fellows on campus to a dozen.

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Vanderbilt researchers’ work passes computing society’s test of time

Nov. 13, 2014—Vanderbilt computer scientists have been awarded the Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems' Test of Time Award, given to papers making long-lasting academic and practical impacts that were published at least 10 years ago.

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Vanderbilt developer says Music City Center wayfinding app is just the start

Nov. 12, 2014—Jules White's new wayfinder app for iPhone and Android will provide photo-based, step-by-step directions for navigating Nashville's 1.2 million-square-foot, 16-acre Music City Center.

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Game theory can help predict crime before it occurs

Oct. 21, 2014—A team headed by Eugene Vorobeychik, assistant professor of computer science and computer engineering, uses game theory and big data to optimize policing.

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Will Grissom makes problem-solving nerds look cool

Sep. 26, 2014—“I live for the problems we get to solve,” says Will Grissom, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, radiology and electrical engineering.

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After Fukushima, Vanderbilt researchers study radiation’s effects on robots

Aug. 29, 2014—Three teams of Vanderbilt University researchers – electrical, mechanical and computer engineers – recently won national recognition for their research into the effects of radiation on the robots deployed inside Fukushima's damaged nuclear plants.

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Three researchers receive EAGER awards

Aug. 22, 2014—Three Vanderbilt researchers have received an award designed to better understand how complex behaviors emerge from brain activity.

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Two Vanderbilt projects showcased at SmartAmerica Challenge EXPO

Jun. 12, 2014—Two Vanderbilt engineers participated in the SmartAmerica Challenge EXPO in Washington D.C.

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