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Economics senior Sasha Pines creates business sisterhood

Dec. 6, 2017—Sasha Pines, a senior majoring in economics, believes combining solid business strategy with a sense of empathy can change lives.

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Beyond Politics: Private industry needs to step up on climate change

Dec. 5, 2017—Two Vanderbilt experts say evidence shows that progress can continue to be made on environmental issues regardless of what the government is doing.

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Super Bowl advertising: Vanderbilt marketing experts available

Jan. 29, 2015—Everyone knows that the second biggest competition on Super Bowl Sunday is the battle over advertising. Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management experts are available to talk about trends in Super Bowl advertising.

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Vanderbilt honors top graduates during Commencement

May. 11, 2012—Top scholars from Vanderbilt University’s undergraduate and professional schools are being honored with Founder’s Medals during Commencement on Friday, May 11.

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What fourth-down decisions in pro football tell us about deadlines and risky decision making

Feb. 2, 2011—Try asking any Monday morning quarterback about blown fourth-down play calls in the NFL and you are guaranteed passionate opinions. In most fourth-down plays, an NFL team will punt or try for a field goal. But, occasionally, teams decide to do something that is viewed as risky – attempt a fourth-down conversion or “go for...

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Vanderbilt business school ranks No. 25 in U.S., according to Financial Times

Jan. 31, 2011—Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management ranked 25th in the U.S. and 51st worldwide, according to the 2011 Global MBA survey published today by Financial Times.

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Getting the best MBA intern for your business

Jan. 10, 2011—[Media Note: Vanderbilt has a 24/7 broadcast facility with a dedicated fiber optic line for live or taped TV interviews and a radio ISDN line. Use of the studio with Vanderbilt experts is free, except for reserving fiber time.] In this economic climate, a creative and motivated MBA intern may be the smartest investment for...

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Five cheats for catching hedge fund cheaters

Nov. 18, 2010—[Media Note: Vanderbilt has a 24/7 TV and radio studio with a dedicated fiber optic line and ISDN line. Use of the TV studio with Vanderbilt experts is free, except for reserving fiber time. A high resolution photo of Nicolas Bollen is available here.] As hedge funds come under tighter scrutiny with the federal government’s recently passed...

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Vanderbilt professors develop new Nasdaq indexes that guard against market gyrations

Nov. 3, 2010—New research by Vanderbilt finance professors Robert Whaley and Jacob Sagi has led to the creation of a recently launched group of Nasdaq indexes.

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Vanderbilt value-of-life study shows Mexican immigrants fare far worse than other immigrants, U.S. natives

Oct. 26, 2010—It has been long suspected that Mexican immigrants often work on dangerous and unpleasant jobs for low pay.  New research by Vanderbilt University Law School professors Joni Hersch and W. Kip Viscusi provides hard evidence on the risks and rewards for risky jobs. They find that Mexican immigrants are concentrated in jobs with high risk...

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What should BP’s new CEO do now?

Sep. 28, 2010—The Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management will host a panel discussion on the causes and consequences of the BP Gulf oil spill Wednesday, Oct. 6, at 1 p.m. in Averbuch Auditorium. The event is free and open to the public.

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Shame versus guilt when your company misbehaves

Sep. 23, 2010—New research by Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management professor Ray Friedman found that employees who personally identified with their company felt the most shame for the wrongful acts. These employees wanted to hide from the bad act and disassociate themselves from the organization, which means they were most likely to quit.

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