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Super Bowl advertising: Vanderbilt marketing experts available

Everyone knows that the second biggest competition on Super Bowl Sunday is the battle over advertising. Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management experts are available to talk about trends in Super Bowl advertising.


  • For a winning ad, limit the shock and boost up sophisticated storylines
  • Celebrities and endorsements: the less we know about a star, the more he/she sells
  • Longer, feature-type commercials gaining popularity
  • Create online/multi-media anticipation for the TV ad


steve posavac marketing vanderbilt
Steve Posavac, E. Bronson Ingram professor in marketing

Steve Posavac, E. Bronson Ingram professor in marketing. Posavac’s research focuses on consumer judgment and decision processes when buying products, advertising and persuasion. Current projects explore consumer inference when it comes to quality versus price, the role of attitudes in choice, and drivers of consumers’ evaluations of celebrities. Watch a video of Posavac talking about celebrity endorsements.


Jennifer Edson Escalas Vanderbilt marketing
Jennifer Edson Escalas, associate professor of marketing

Jennifer Edson Escalas, associate professor of marketing. Escalas’ research interests focus on consumer narrative processing – thinking in the form of stories – which can create meaning for brands and generate emotional responses to advertising. Read a study by Escalas and Jesper Nielsen, published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, which found that marketing narratives are more likely to trigger a positive response when following the storyline requires some mental work.