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Vanderbilt and UCLA debut SpotCheck website to evaluate political ads

Apr. 28, 2016—In an election season that will shatter the record for money spent on a presidential campaign, political scientists at Vanderbilt and UCLA have created SpotCheck, a new approach for assessing political ads using internet-based surveys.

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College affordability has declined in all 50 states: Report

Apr. 27, 2016—College affordability has declined in all 50 states since 2008, according to a new report.

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Harsh immigration rhetoric pushes Latinos away: Survey

Mar. 4, 2016—When Latinos hear tough talk about immigrants and immigration from politicians, their level of political trust is reduced and they start identifying more with their ethnic group than other qualities such as class or religion.

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Former clerk and Vanderbilt law professor talks about legacy of Justice Antonin Scalia

Feb. 18, 2016—Vanderbilt Law School professor Brian Fitzpatrick, who clerked for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, discusses the man and how the conservative justice revolutionized a movement in the Supreme Court in terms of how cases are analyzed and debated.

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Congress in danger of losing relevancy as presidents work around it

Jan. 28, 2016—By obstructing most legislation President Obama sends its way, Congress has weakened rather than exercised its power, says a Vanderbilt University political expert.

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TIP SHEET: Political expert John Geer can comment on presidential races

Jan. 19, 2016—Vanderbilt University political scientist John Geer, the nation’s leading expert on negative political advertising, is available to comment on the U.S. Democratic and Republican presidential primary elections. Geer co-chairs Vanderbilt’s Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions.

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Why politicians won’t reach across the aisle

Jan. 11, 2016—Bad feelings about each other rather than competing ideologies keep Republicans and Democrats from encouraging their representatives to compromise and get things done, say the authors of a new book about why Washington won’t work.

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Sexism rules in the ballot booth unless voters have more information

Nov. 9, 2015—Female candidates have to be more qualified than their male opponents to prevail in an election because many people don’t see women as leaders, according to research that reveals hidden bias that can emerge in the voting booth.

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History is repeating itself with current immigration issues, says Vanderbilt historian

Sep. 30, 2015—NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Immigration must be stopped before newcomers overwhelm our generous welfare system, producing babies with full citizenship rights who add even more strain on social services. So goes a familiar argument for sealing the borders of the United States. “In a lot of respects we have the discussion about immigration and the economy...

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Open borders – not giant wall – is best solution for immigration issue

Sep. 16, 2015—Calling the notion of an immense wall between Mexico and the United States “nonsense,” a Vanderbilt professor in his new book makes the case for open borders between the two countries.

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The Impact of Pope Francis: ExpertVU

Aug. 19, 2015—VIDEO» Bruce Morrill discusses the impact and appeal of Pope Francis, the first Jesuit priest appointed Pope in Vatican history.

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Vanderbilt expert can explain modern white nationalism in the U.S.

Jun. 19, 2015—Anthropologist Sophie Bjork-James can provide context to the white supremacist beliefs believed to have motivated Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof.

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