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Engineering and Technology

App turns tablet into math aid for visually impaired students

Mar. 5, 2012—A mechanical engineering graduate student has created an app that turns Android tablets into an educational aid for teaching mathematics to visually impaired students.

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Opinion: Time to step up local university-industry collaboration in IT

Feb. 13, 2012—Our shared concern about growing our IT talent pool is undeniably on-target and it's no surprise that recruiting and retaining talented IT professionals in our region is harder than we'd like, writes Doug Schmidt, professor of computer science.

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Galloway represents Vanderbilt at the White House

Feb. 9, 2012—Galloway was among about 40 engineering deans representing a broad spectrum of U.S. engineering programs that do well in retention.

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Spirit of Innovation

Feb. 1, 2012—The Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization is taking Vanderbilt researchers’ inventions to new heights Use the term “inventor,” and what pops to mind? The wild-haired Dr. Emmett Brown and his time-traveling DeLorean? The unflappable “Q” demonstrating a laser-enabled wristwatch or an exploding attaché case? Perhaps the Absent-Minded Professor and his gooey, green “flubber”? Hollywood...

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King honored with lifetime achievement award for biomedical engineering design

Jan. 26, 2012—Paul King, professor emeritus of biomedical engineering, received a lifetime achievement award in 2011 for his outstanding achievements in BME design instruction. The award was presented to King during the BME-Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Alliance (IDEA) symposium at the BMES fall conference in Hartford, Conn., in mid-October.

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National Science Foundation: Bionic leg makes amputee faster on his feet

Jan. 24, 2012—Two years after losing his leg in a shark attack, Craig Hutto became the test pilot for a unique and powerful new prosthetic leg being developed by mechanical engineer Michael Goldfarb and his team at Vanderbilt University.

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“Extractionator” could bring high-tech medical diagnostics to rural areas

Dec. 16, 2011—The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given them $1 million to three Vanderbilt scientists to develop a point-of-care sample collection and preparation product that could bring advanced medical diagnostic testing to the third world.

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New method for enhancing thermal conductivity could cool computer chips, lasers and other devices

Dec. 14, 2011—Vanderbilt engineers have discovered a surprising new way to increase a material’s thermal conductivity that provides a new tool for managing thermal effects in computers, lasers and a number of other powered devices.

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ISIS pioneers model-integrated computing

Nov. 30, 2011—Recent ongoing research highlights the Institute for Software Integrated Systems' broad, multidisciplinary impact.

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Yaqiong Xu receives NSF career development award

Oct. 25, 2011—Electrical engineer and physicist Yaqiong Xu has received a prestigious career development award to study a new class of molecules called nanobiohybrids.

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Fields medalist brings informal style to Vanderbilt

Oct. 21, 2011—When Vaughan Jones was 5 years old, he made his first mathematical discovery.

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Grant bolsters liver tumor surgery techniques

Aug. 30, 2011—A team led by Vanderbilt University biomedical engineer Michael Miga has been awarded a five-year, $3.1 million grant from the National Cancer Institute to enhance image-guided surgery techniques for safely removing liver tumors.

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