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Engineering and Technology

Vanderbilt plays key role in $20 million federal grant designed to strengthen Tennessee’s R&D infrastructure

Sep. 9, 2010—Five years from now, high school and college students throughout Tennessee should have more and better opportunities to learn about and pursue careers in alternative energy science and technology.

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New graphics processor cluster gives Vanderbilt supercomputer a major boost

Jul. 29, 2010—What do an astrophysicist studying how black holes merge, a chemist predicting the biological characteristics of novel proteins, a psychologist investigating decision-making and a mechanical engineer studying how nanotubes transport heat have in common? They all need tremendous amounts of computer power to conduct their research and they all will benefit directly from a huge...

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BP disaster predictable, says Vanderbilt civil and environmental engineer

Jun. 11, 2010—The worst environmental disaster to hit the U.S. occurred in part because of BP’s institutional arrogance, pushing a technology beyond its limits, and basic communication failures, according to Vanderbilt University Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Mark Abkowitz, an emergency preparedness and response expert.

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Vanderbilt medical researchers, engineers play major role in new national center established to secure the privacy of electronic health information

May. 28, 2010—Slowly but steadily the U.S. health care community is moving into the digital age: shifting their medical records from paper to electronic information systems. This movement raises serious concerns about security and privacy of patients’ medical information.

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Watch: Engineering, Innovation, and the Challenges of the 21st Century

Feb. 24, 2010—Watch video beginning of a talk by Charles M. Vest, president of the National Academy of Engineering and President Emeritus, MIT.

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Watch: Vanderbilt students launch new apps for iPhone, Android

Feb. 17, 2010—Watch video about new applications developed by Vanderbilt engineering students for iPhone and Android mobile devices.

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Vanderbilt students launch new apps for iPhone, Android

Feb. 17, 2010—Finding out where to eat, what's happening and how to get around are common questions on every college campus. Now at Vanderbilt University, the answers to these questions can be quickly and easily found using new applications developed by Vanderbilt engineering students for iPhone and Android mobile devices.

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Watch: “Advanced Computing for a Clean Energy Future”

Jan. 15, 2010—Watch video of the School of Engineering's Hall Lecture, given by the Deputy Laboratory Director for Science and Technology at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Thomas Zacharia.

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Vanderbilt engineers play key role in new DOE energy frontier research center

Apr. 29, 2009—A team of Vanderbilt engineers will play a key role in a new federal effort to significantly improve our understanding of how gases and liquids interact with solid surfaces – basic studies that have potential applications ranging from better batteries to more efficient methods for converting solar and electrical energy into fuel, improved fuel cells and enhancing the corrosion resistance of materials.

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Network turns soldiers’ helmets into sniper location system

Mar. 24, 2009—Imagine a platoon of soldiers fighting in a hazardous urban environment who carry personal digital assistants that can display the location of enemy shooters in three dimensions and accurately identify the caliber and type of weapons they are firing.

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Robot playmates monitor emotional state of children with ASD

Feb. 17, 2009—The day that robot playmates help children with autism learn the social skills that they naturally lack has come a step closer with the development of a system that allows a robot to monitor a child's emotional state.

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Managing risk in an increasingly hazardous world

May. 1, 2008—If you have a nagging feeling that life is getting increasingly hazardous, you may be interested in the new book, "Operational Risk Management," by Mark D. Abkowitz, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Vanderbilt University.

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