People, Culture and Belonging unveils a reimagined onboarding experience: Vanderbilt Voyage

Vanderbilt Voyage Logo

After extensive collaboration, and inspired by outcomes of the Future of Work and 50-50-50 initiatives, People, Culture and Belonging has crafted a reimagined onboarding experience called Vanderbilt Voyage. Launching on May 13, Vanderbilt Voyage will redefine new staff orientation by offering an immersive journey into the university’s vision, mission, values, history and traditions. 

Beyond initial orientation, Vanderbilt Voyage will be a cornerstone of the university’s long-term commitment to enhancing the employee experience. Through a yearlong blueprint centered on “moments that matter,” the program will reshape how new hires integrate into the university community.  

The launch involves three phases: 

  • Phase 1 focuses on pre-onboarding and the first six months, setting the stage for success from Day One 
  • Phase 2 involves a comprehensive learning needs analysis, tailored manager and employee development plans, and a curated selection of offerings to foster growth and empowerment 
  • Phase 3 introduces a robust performance management and career development framework, ensuring that every staff member has the support they need to thrive 

Key features of the Vanderbilt Voyage program include: 

  • Flexible Orientation: The program offers the choice to attend the first day of orientation either in person or remotely, accommodating diverse schedules and preferences. 
  • Welcome Gift: Each new employee receives a personalized gift to commemorate the beginning of their journey with Vanderbilt. 
  • Immersive Campus Tours: Engaging in-person and virtual tours provide new staff members with a comprehensive understanding of the Vanderbilt community and the campus landscape, fostering a sense of belonging from Day One. Led by student tour guides from Admissions, participants will learn about how staff affect the student experience and have time to connect with fellow new staff members. 
  • Innovative Coaching Circles: This program fosters connections, mutual support and the exchange of knowledge among colleagues through peer-to-peer learning opportunities. (This offering is in beta testing and not yet available to all employees.)  
  • Enhanced Digital Communications: Streamlined guidance and resources are provided to navigate the onboarding process with ease, ensuring a smooth transition into the Vanderbilt environment. 

This innovative approach to staff onboarding incorporates the invaluable feedback and insights shared by the Vanderbilt community. The university is steadfast in its commitment to delivering an exceptional experience that empowers new colleagues and sets them up for long-term success. 

To learn more, please register for a webinar presentation or drop in during virtual office hours. 

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