Pedestrian routes to change near 25th Avenue, Vanderbilt Place

As part of the Central Utilities Initiative, pits for the installation of underground utilities will be dug near the intersection of 25th Avenue and Vanderbilt Place.  

Work will occur from Aug. 21 until early September and affect vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle routes in the area.  


  • Although one lane on 25th Avenue between Kensington Place and Vanderbilt Place will be closed, there will still be two-way traffic using the center turn lane. Traffic controllers will be on site to help with any lane closures needed.  
  • The circle drive in front of the E. Bronson Ingram Studio Arts Center will be closed. 
  • 25th Avenue between Blakemore Avenue and Highland Avenue will remain closed.  
  • Jess Neely Drive between 25th Avenue and Natchez Trace will remain closed.  
  • Natchez Trace between Kensington Place and Jess Neely Drive will remain closed.  
  • Two routes are open for north-south traffic between West End Avenue and Blakemore Avenue: 
    • Natchez Trace to 28th Avenue 
    • 24th Avenue to Garland Avenue to 25th Avenue  
      • Directions to specific parking garages and the lots in the area are available.  


  • An accessible pedestrian route along 25th Avenue will remain open: 
    • Pedestrians coming from West End Avenue will cross 25th Avenue near Kensington Place to the east sidewalk and back over at the crosswalk near Vanderbilt Place. 
    • The east sidewalk on 25th Avenue between Vanderbilt Place to Garland Avenue will be closed during this project.  
    • One side of 25th Avenue will always remain open between Children’s Way and Highland Quad. 
    • South of the Highland Quad, pedestrians should detour to 24th Avenue or the Rec Center Path. Those traveling through the area should be aware of any construction changes that close one side of the street.  
    • A crosswalk will remain open between the Student Recreation Center and Highland Quad, and the crosswalk will shift location as construction proceeds in the area. Flaggers, temporary curb ramps and signs will be in place to navigate around the work zone for everyone’s safety. 
  • An accessible pedestrian route along Vanderbilt Place will remain open: 
    • To access Vanderbilt Place, pedestrians will need to use the south sidewalk near the Schulman Center. 
    • A temporary crosswalk will be installed across Vanderbilt Place near the Schulman Center. 
    • An accessible pedestrian route along Jess Neely Drive will remain open. Use the temporary, accessible sidewalk adjacent to Jess Neely Drive. 
  • The corner of 25th Avenue and Vanderbilt Place will be closed through September. 
  • Pedestrians throughout the project should follow posted detour signs. 


  • Due to space limitations, bicyclists will be asked to slow down, dismount and walk in restricted areas for safety reasons. Please follow instructions posted along the approved routes. 
  • The bike lane will be closed on the north side of Vanderbilt Place; follow the directional signage. 
  • Alternately, non-dismount access to campus will remain open by detouring along 24th Avenue or Natchez Trace, crossing through the Highland Quad. 

View more information about the project on the Central Utilities Initiative website and see updates on the project timeline here. For questions or comments about any construction on campus, please contact Campus Planning and Construction 

If you need help planning your route to campus or have transportation-related questions, please contact 

Due to the nature of the work, all routes and dates are subject to change. These changes will be promptly communicated.