Vanderbilt University celebrates Culinary Academy Class of 2023

Vanderbilt University honored 10 graduates from its Culinary Academy, a program designed to enhance the skills and expertise of the university’s Campus Dining staff.  

Vanderbilt Culinary Academy Class of 2023 graduation ceremony. (Vanderbilt University)

The graduation ceremony took place on Monday, April 8, at Alumni Hall. The graduates, representing six Campus Dining locations, successfully completed the rigorous program, which equips participants with advanced culinary skills to enhance the overall quality of Vanderbilt’s dining program. The ceremony marked a significant milestone in their professional journeys. 

The 2023 Vanderbilt Culinary Academy graduates include: 

  • Jinjoo Cheon – Commons 
  • Shevette Sublette – Commons 
  • Andrea Phillips – E. Bronson Ingram 
  • Ciara Rucker – E. Bronson Ingram 
  • Antonio Smith – Kissam 
  • Kyle Kelly – Kissam 
  • Anthony Majors – The Pub 
  • Breanna Welch – Rand 
  • Keva Griggs – Rand 
  • Breana Woolfolk – Rothschild 
Culinary Academy graduate Breanna Welch poses with her certificate of completion. (Vanderbilt University)

“Continuously learning and growing is part of the Vanderbilt Way,” said David ter Kuile, associate vice chancellor for auxiliary services. “These culinary professionals all contribute to the smooth operation of our university ecosystem. Their commitment to personal and professional development and growth is consistent with our university mission and our foundational values.” 

The program, which began as a partnership with Nashville State Community College in 2020, has evolved into an independent initiative led by Vanderbilt chefs. In individualized training and skill development sessions throughout the spring semester, the graduates demonstrated their commitment to culinary excellence. 

 “Our investment in employee skills not only fosters a sense of belonging and job satisfaction among staff, but also directly elevates Vanderbilt’s award-wining dining program,” ter Kuile said. “By empowering employees, the university is ensuring a high level of service while also contributing to our vibrant campus life experience.” 

Graduates received a certificate of completion, a set of professional chef’s knives and a uniform patch to indicate successful completion of the program. 

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Chancellor Daniel Diermeier speaks at the graduation ceremony for the Culinary Academy Class of 2023. (Vanderbilt University)