Continuing our cybersecurity transformation

Vanderbilt has made significant strides in advancing cybersecurity across the institution over the past year—including hiring its first-ever chief information security officer, creating nearly a dozen new IT policies, and increasing visibility and protections across the university’s managed IT environment. But there is much more work to do, said Brett Sweet, vice chancellor for finance, information technology and chief financial officer.

Sweet and Shane Callahan, Vanderbilt’s inaugural chief information security officer, give an update on the university’s progress in a new video message to mark National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October.

“Cybersecurity is increasingly critical to our mission as a university,” Sweet said. “At Vanderbilt, we each share in the responsibility of securing our personal information and protecting the university’s vital data and research. I want to thank each member of our community for their contributions in the last year to this important effort.”

VUIT is planning several events to bolster cybersecurity awareness during October, including enhancing its website, launching refresher training and offering games and incentives for VU community members to test their cybersecurity knowledge.

“This year’s focus will be on building a strong foundation of security processes, technology and culture,” Callahan said. “In addition to working behind the scenes to strengthen our security posture through technology and process and supporting our research compliance programs, 2023 will focus on public outreach to better understand how we can support your work.”

Sweet and Callahan remind faculty, staff, postdocs and students that the effort to shore up Vanderbilt’s cybersecurity requires vigilance, and everyone must do their part.

“You are a vital link to the safety and success of our cybersecurity program. We need your partnership, your engagement, your awareness and your ideas,” Sweet said. “Together we can make Vanderbilt more secure.”

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