Participants sought for brain-based learning enhancement research

The Neural Enhancement of Learning (NEL) Lab in the Vanderbilt University Department of Special Education is seeking individuals ages 18–40 who are right-handed and native English monolingual speakers for a research study investigating brain-based learning enhancement through a non-invasive brain stimulation method called high-definition transcranial alternating current stimulation (HD-tACS).


An initial screening phone call to determine eligibility. If eligible, individuals will participate in three study visits.

  • Visit 1 includes: an MRI exam, EEG, non-invasive brain stimulation, and paper/pencil testing.
  • Visits 2 and 3 include: non-invasive brain stimulation sessions and paper/pencil testing; some individuals may be asked to complete an EEG.
  • Some individuals may be asked to complete a follow-up visit 4, which includes an MRI exam, EEG and paper/pencil testing.

Compensation (via gift cards)

$50 per visit, with $50 study completion bonus

Contact information

Principal Investigator: Katherine S. Aboud, Ph.D., Neural Enhancement of Learning Lab