Vanderbilt to launch new employee assistance program and well-being services Jan. 1, 2023 

Vanderbilt University will transition to new well-being and employee assistance program services starting in 2023, expanding service offerings and making resources available to employees’ families.  

The university has a robust and unique approach to caring for its community, aligned with its core values of belonging and radical collaboration. To continue this effort, Vanderbilt is making the holistic health of faculty, staff and postdocs a greater priority.  

“We are invested in the holistic health of every member of our community and are committed to responding to our community’s needs,” said Eric Kopstain, vice chancellor for administration. “We have expanded our offerings for mental health and well-being needs on campus. Our new EAP and well-being packages will provide services that touch on mental health, physical health and financial health, further improving the overall health of faculty, staff and postdocs. We want all members of the Vanderbilt community to feel supported and valued, and we believe this change shows our commitment to our colleagues.” 

New employee assistance program 

Vanderbilt’s faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars and their families will receive expanded support through Lyra, a behavioral health service provider, which will deliver greater access, 24/7 concierge navigation care 365 days a year, and support for behavioral and mental health needs.  

“We are most excited about the services and who is covered,” said Pam Jones, associate vice chancellor for health and wellness. “We currently offer services only to faculty, staff and postdocs. With Lyra, Vanderbilt also will be able to offer services for their spouses and children ages 2 and older. Lyra covers 12 counseling sessions per year, which is three times more than what we currently offer. I am very passionate about mental health, especially after these last few years of the pandemic. Lyra will bring increased resources and services to Vanderbilt’s faculty and staff.”  

Occupational Health continues as key partner 

Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Occupational Health Clinic will continue to provide employees with:  

  • immunizations and medical screening exams for work-related hazards 
  • business travel exams 
  • ergonomic consultations 
  • evaluation/treatment for work-related injuries  
  • illnesses  
  • exposures 

New well-being management platform 

Employees will have access to Virgin Pulse, a well-being management and coaching platform that encourages increasing or maintaining overall well-being—from taking a health risk assessment to completing well-being challenges. 

“Over the years, Vanderbilt offered services to improve the health and well-being of our faculty and staff, but with Virgin Pulse, we are about to take a big step forward in these efforts,” said Stacey Bonner, wellbeing manager. “This new platform gives faculty, staff and postdocs personalized resources to help kick-start healthy habits and maintain them for the long term in a fun and rewarding way.”  

More information on the new employee assistance program and well-being management platform will be shared in advance of the launch of these services in January 2023. The current EAP services will be available through the end of this year.   

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