HR shares updates on Vanderbilt’s expanded paid parental leave for staff

Vanderbilt University is expanding paid parental leave for staff from two weeks to eight weeks, starting Sept. 1, 2022. Staff paid parental leave can now be used any time during the first four months following the birth of the child or four months after adoption.   

“We are committed to creating a healthy and positive work environment for members of our Vanderbilt community,” said Eric Kopstain, vice chancellor for administration. “As your family grows, we want to support you, and the expansion of our staff paid parental leave is just one way that we are working to continuously improve that support.” 

The expansion includes the following benefits: 

  • Paid parental leave does not have to be used continuously. Staff may split up the paid parental leave time. 
  • If a staff member has already used the two weeks of paid parental leave under the past policy, they will be able to use up to six additional weeks of paid parental leave during the first four months following the child’s birth or four months after adoption.  
  • Staff will be able to use paid parental leave in coordination with short-term disability benefits. 


To use paid parental leave, staff must: 

  • Apply for Family Medical Leave or Non-FMLA Medical Leave through Human Resources. 
  • Once approved for leave, staff can enter the paid parental leave on their timecards or absence management records. 

Staff with questions related to paid parental leave should contact Human Resources 


Vanderbilt has announced it will hire a new women’s health and parenting resource coordinator within the Office of Health and Wellness who will be responsible for providing information, unbiased support and reproductive health resources for pregnant and parenting students, faculty, staff and postdocs. 


The expanded resources were informed by an initial set of recommendations from a university-wide task force that first convened in early June, as well as by recommendations from the University Staff Advisory Council and committees convened as part of the university’s Future of Work initiative 

The task force is continuing its work to make informed decisions that are inclusive of all members of the Vanderbilt community.