Vanderbilt honors 29 distinguished faculty with endowed chairs

Vanderbilt University Kirkland Tower aerial photograph
(Vanderbilt University)

Twenty-nine prominent faculty from across campus comprise Vanderbilt University’s latest endowed chair honorees. They include scholars working in diverse areas—from election analysis and lung cancer research to the nascent field of neurolaw, exploring the brain mechanism underlying legal decision-making.

“An endowed chair is a remarkable honor, the highest honor the university can bestow upon its faculty. I am pleased to recognize these distinguished scholars, who have made an indelible mark in their field,” Chancellor Daniel Diermeier said.

“Vanderbilt is able to attract and retain outstanding scholars, teachers and mentors with the generous support of our philanthropic partners,” he added. “We are incredibly grateful for their visionary gifts, which sustain our momentum and ensure every member of the Vanderbilt community can reach their full potential.”

The following faculty members are among Vanderbilt’s most recent endowed chair honorees:

Vanderbilt’s first endowed chairs were established in 1918. After a significant drive over the past several years to attract and retain exceptional scholars, the university has 438 endowed chairs.

Vanderbilt has traditionally recognized newly appointed faculty to endowed chairs at institutional campus celebrations with deans, colleagues, family members and philanthropic partners in attendance; however, due to gathering restrictions necessitated by the pandemic, these celebrations are currently not permitted. An in-person event will be held to celebrate these endowed chair honorees in the future.