About Vanderbilt Magazine

As Vanderbilt’s flagship publication for the past century, Vanderbilt Magazine strives to promote and celebrate a greater sense of connection among the university and the diverse community whose lives it touches—teachers and students, Quinqs and recent graduates, supporters and scholarship recipients, physicians and patients, chaired professors and new faculty.

We seek to illuminate the priorities of the university by highlighting its people, scholarship, research and values with imaginative photography, design and writing. We aim to expand Vanderbilt’s outreach continually by exploiting the ever-expanding possibilities offered by electronic media and new technology. Whenever possible we invite alumni, students, faculty and researchers to tell their own stories. We strive to achieve a balance that honors the institution alumni recall while also expanding their knowledge of the university and the world. By providing content that engages, challenges, surprises and delights, our goal is to give readers a publication that builds on their allegiance and showcases Vanderbilt as a beacon of integrity and innovation.