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urban schools

Attracting effective teachers may require new strategic initiatives

Oct. 1, 2013—Large urban school districts may need to adopt new strategies to draw prospective teachers to the most disadvantaged and geographically isolated schools, according to research from Vanderbilt University to be published in an upcoming issue of the American Education Research Journal.

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Sustaining, ‘scaling up’ effective practices of urban high schools focus of research

Sep. 24, 2012—Researchers are examining what characteristics make some large, urban high schools particularly effective with low-income and minority students.

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New Peabody graduates fill teaching roles in Nashville’s lowest-performing middle schools

May. 10, 2012—Peabody's Teaching and Learning in Urban Schools program graduates its first cohort of students.

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Latest research on key education policies to be presented April 13-17

Apr. 11, 2012—Peabody faculty will present research on the nation’s key issues in education at the AERA conference April 13-17.

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