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Sustainable Tennessee Organization

Sustaining Tennessee in the Face of Climate Change: Mark Abkowitz

Sep. 18, 2012—Watch video of Mark Abkowitz, Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Vanderbilt, discuss adaptation strategies with a specific focus on infrastructure systems as a means to prepare for future climate change such as extreme weather events. In his presentation, he suggests using a holistic risk management approach to identify potential risks and those strategies...

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Sustaining Tennessee in the Face of Climate Change: Ben Preston

Sep. 18, 2012—Watch video of Ben Preston, of Oak Ridge National Laboratories and co-author of the Sustaining Tennessee Report, who provided an overview of the sustainability report for the audience at the release event. The report was a joint effort of seventeen scientists coming from five research institutions to evaluate the future outlook for Tennessee with respect...

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Sustaining Tennessee in the Face of Climate Change: Karl Dean

Sep. 18, 2012—Watch video of Nashville Mayor, Karl Dean, providing opening remarks at the report release event. He provided insight as to what Nashville is doing to prepare for the future including the sustainable efforts in response to the May 2010 Flood, such as development of the Flood Preparedness and Prevention Plan, buyout of homes and lands...

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Sustaining Tennessee: Challenges and opportunities for making good decisions

Sep. 17, 2012—The effects of climate change will have widespread impact on the state, but there are opportunities to offset it by incorporating “climate-friendly” and “climate-resilient” actions into routine management decisions, say scientists from Vanderbilt University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, University of Memphis and the Tennessee Department of Health in a new report.

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