Sustaining Tennessee in the Face of Climate Change: Ben Preston

Watch video of Ben Preston, of Oak Ridge National Laboratories and co-author of the Sustaining Tennessee Report, who provided an overview of the sustainability report for the audience at the release event. The report was a joint effort of seventeen scientists coming from five research institutions to evaluate the future outlook for Tennessee with respect to climate change.

In his presentation, Preston summarized key findings in the report including that temperatures in Tennessee have risen 2 degrees Fahrenheit since 1950 and are expected to rise 3-5 degrees more by 2050. He also discussed challenges for the future and opportunities to meet these challenges head on. Recommendations for decision makers include:

– Plan for change

– Monitor, evaluate, and learn

– Address critical knowledge gaps

– Increase flexibility in management practices

– Reduce system exposure and sensitivity to climate

– Take advantage of turnover of capital stocks

– Enhance partnerships

The report, commissioned by the Sustainable Tennessee Organization and titled Sustaining Tennessee in the Face of Climate Change: Grand Challenges and Great Opportunities, was presented at Vanderbilt Sept. 11. The event was hosted by the Vanderbilt Institute for Energy and Environment.