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Stambaugh House

Get to know Vanderbilt’s residential faculty: Prof. Rosevelt Noble

Jul. 29, 2020—As the new academic year approaches, Vanderbilt’s faculty heads of house are revealing some things about themselves in this special portrait series. Get to know Rosevelt Noble, faculty head of Stambaugh House, senior lecturer in sociology and director of the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center.

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Residential College Magic: Residential colleges provide undergraduates close-knit, diverse communities with faculty mentors

Feb. 21, 2020—Before the Class of 2012 moved onto The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons in 2008, there never had been anything on campus like these intentionally designed communities where undergraduates with different backgrounds are paired together and live alongside faculty.

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Top Flight: First-year students move into Stambaugh House

Nov. 7, 2019—First-year students move into Stambaugh House, one of 10 residence halls on The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons, in August.

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Time Machine: Old technology finds new life in first-year student programming

May. 1, 2017—When first-year students arrived last August at Stambaugh House, a residence hall on The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons, no doubt much of what they encountered was brand new. But a relic from the past awaited them in the Stambaugh lobby.

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Noble named director of Black Cultural Center, faculty head of Stambaugh House

Mar. 30, 2017—Sociology lecturer Rosevelt Noble has been named director of the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center and a faculty head on The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons.

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