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Pushed to Extremes: Meredith Dolhare, BS’96, Uses the Power of Sports to Help the Homeless

May. 12, 2016—Several years after graduating in 1996, Meredith Dolhare found a new passion: running. Dolhare completed several marathons and 12 Ironman triathlons before setting her sights on far more arduous adventures. In 2013 she finished third in the Badwater Ultramarathon—a 135-mile race in 120-plus-degree heat that features a grueling climb from California’s Death Valley (279 feet below sea level) to the trailhead of Mount Whitney (8,360 feet).

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Runner’s High: David Graeflin, BE’68, closes the doors of The Athlete’s House

Oct. 23, 2015—Runners are a group Graeflin knows well. He ran track at Vanderbilt, and is the longtime owner of The Athlete’s House in Nashville, the first store in Tennessee devoted to running apparel and gear.

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Neon projects elite aura for amateur athletes

Nov. 13, 2013—Bright-colored products and brands do more than just draw attention. They allow people to signal a personal identity that aligns them with elite athletes, explains Vanderbilt marketing professor Jennifer Escalas.

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