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Fact or Fake? The role of knowledge neglect in misinformation

May. 15, 2020—Psychological research demonstrates that noticing errors in what we read is often difficult, and that those errors can affect our later beliefs, even when we know they’re wrong.

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Computational Collaboration: A New Interdisciplinary Initiative Recasts Computers as Classroom Partners

Nov. 8, 2019—  “I want to help you.” In a moving but chilling scene, that line is uttered by HAL 9000, the all-knowing computer system depicted in the classic 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey, as it pleads with Dr. Dave Bowman not to disconnect the rogue machine for the final time. Now, more than a half-century...

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Strong Connection: A visionary renovation of two iconic Peabody buildings links the college’s progressive past with a bright future

May. 13, 2019—  By Randy Horick, MA’82 Featured on the cover of Paul Conkin’s history of Peabody College is a wide-angle, black-and-white photograph of a multitude assembled in front of two stately brick buildings adorned with classical columns. The group is bunched together and dressed as if going to church on a summer Sunday, with some of...

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When Differences are Strengths: Helping those with intellectual disabilities thrive

Sep. 27, 2018—A whiz at data entry, typing with accuracy at 90 words a minute, Jamal Underwood, who has autism, has turned his learning differences into strengths.

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