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Rani Banjarian

Inside The Ingram Commons at Vanderbilt University

Aug. 8, 2016—What's life really like inside Vanderbilt’s renowned first-year residential college system? Hear from students and faculty heads of house and see what makes The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons a true home away from home.

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‘Lullabies in Arabic’ excerpt

May. 12, 2016—Rani Banjarian’s short story “Lullabies in Arabic” won the 2016 Dell Magazines Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing. The award is given annually to the best short story written in the science fiction or fantasy genres by a full-time undergraduate college student. Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine will publish the story in...

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Class of 2016: Rani Banjarian discovers America—and his voice as a writer

Apr. 20, 2016—For Rani Banjarian, the summer of 2006 was the defining moment of his young life. For a month that summer, artillery and airstrikes were a daily occurrence as the unrest between his home country of Lebanon and neighboring Israel grew into the July War.

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An international student is transformed at Vanderbilt

Apr. 14, 2016—For international student Rani Banjarian, differences are what make him feel a part of the university community.

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