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Pratim Sengupta

Museum of Modern Art exhibition showcases Vanderbilt online visualization tool

May. 31, 2013—A recently opened exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art is putting a new spin on the idea of creative exchange. MoMA Studio: Exchange Café is a collaboration between artist Caroline Woolard and a Vanderbilt team led by Pratim Sengupta and Amelia Winger-Bearskin.

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Vanderbilt Peabody education experts available for back-to-school stories

Aug. 8, 2012—Education experts from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of education and human development are available to speak about merit pay, No Child Left Behind, school choice, immigration, pre-K, reading, gifted education, financial aid, ESL, bullying and more.

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Sengupta receives NSF CAREER award

Jun. 14, 2012—Peabody's Pratim Sengupta has won a prestigious CAREER award from the National Science Foundation.

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Latest research on key education policies to be presented April 13-17

Apr. 11, 2012—Peabody faculty will present research on the nation’s key issues in education at the AERA conference April 13-17.

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ISIS pioneers model-integrated computing

Nov. 30, 2011—Recent ongoing research highlights the Institute for Software Integrated Systems' broad, multidisciplinary impact.

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The virtue in virtuality – enhancing learning with technology

Jul. 11, 2011—Groundbreaking education technology platforms under development in labs across the Vanderbilt Peabody campus are allowing cutting-edge researchers to harness what Pratim Sengupta, innovator of the technology described, calls “the virtue in virtuality.”

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