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Paul Ragan

Wellcast: The link between depression and heart disease

Feb. 28, 2014—In a new Health and Wellness Wellcast, Janet McCutchen with Work/Life Connections and physician Paul Ragan discuss the link between heart disease and depression.

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New Health & Wellness Wellcast: A Mental Health Month Discussion of 2010 Flood Trauma Memories

Apr. 29, 2011—As May is Mental Health Month, counselor Ralph Topham talked with Dr. Paul Ragan, medical director of Work/Life Connections-EAP, about the symptoms of trauma which may recur with the anniversary date of the 2010 Nashville May floods. There is a Mental Health screening which is anonymous and available on the Work/Life Connections-EAP website.  This screen is valuable for determining the...

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Pain from the Past: A conversation with a psychiatrist and a scientist about post traumatic stress disorder

Mar. 9, 2011—Watch video of Dr. Paul W. Ragan, associate professor of psychiatry, and Carrie Jones, assistant professor of pharmacology, speaking March 3. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a severe anxiety disorder that occurs in people who have experienced physical or psychological trauma. Triggering events can include experiences like military combat, car accidents, or childhood abuse. PTSD is...

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Brainstorm 2011 events begin March 3

Feb. 23, 2011—"Brainstorm 2011," a series of free public events about brain research hosted by Vanderbilt University, will explore post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and the mysteries of feelings and perception throughout the month of March.

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