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VUMC joins national effort to block global pandemics of potentially lethal viruses

Jan. 11, 2018—The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has signed a five-year cooperative agreement worth up to $28 million with Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) to develop methods for preventing the global spread of viruses like chikungunya and Zika.

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VUCast: Preventing the next pandemic

Sep. 18, 2013—Researchers work to prevent possible bird flu pandemic How stars solve mysteries of the universe And conquering the video gaming industry Vandy style? All this and more in this week’s VUCast, Vanderbilt’s online newscast. Watch now.

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World record broken; Flulapalooza tent open until 7 p.m.

Oct. 1, 2011—UPDATE 10/12/11, 1 p.m. Vanderbilt Medical Center has unofficially beaten the world record! As of 1 p.m. 9,370 faculty, staff, students and volunteers have been vaccinated for influenza. The current world record for the most vaccinations given in an eight-hour period is 6,215, held by Kaiser Permanente. Tell us your Flulapalooza experience at Vanderbilt’s Facebook...

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VUCast: Close to Reality?

Sep. 30, 2011—This Week on VUCast: Why a Vanderbilt disease expert says the medical thriller “Contagion” may be closer to reality than you think [ watch full video of Dr. Creech and more information about vaccines ] Why it’s worth going to Flulapalooza! And hear how Vandy doctor uses the trombone as his medical motivation. It’s all...

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Study examining new vaccine for avian flu

Jul. 29, 2011—Vanderbilt researchers are seeking healthy adults ages 18-49 for a study testing a new vaccine against H5N1 influenza, a strain which has the potential to be the next pandemic flu virus.

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