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Kelly Goldsmith

Ask an Expert: Are shoppers getting used to scarcity?

May. 23, 2020—Kelly Goldsmith, associate professor of marketing, discusses how shoppers are getting used to product scarcity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Why Less Is More: Former ‘Survivor’ contestant Kelly Goldsmith on how helping others can help yourself

Feb. 17, 2020—Goldsmith, now an associate professor of marketing at Vanderbilt, explains what behavioral research has taught us about how scarcity affects our thinking and our actions.

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When making small donations, we prefer anonymity

Dec. 11, 2019—When asked to make a small donation to charity, we're more likely to give if we can remain anonymous. New research by Kelly Goldsmith suggests that it's because the promise of public recognition interferes with the altruistic feeling we get when we donate.

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It’s not always dog-eat-dog: Sometimes not having enough makes us more generous

Jun. 18, 2019—In a recent TEDx Nashville talk, Vanderbilt marketing professor Kelly Goldsmith discussed how being a contestant on "Survivor" helped illustrate a novel finding in behavioral science: Sometimes not having enough actually makes you...nicer.

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What’s On My Mind: The bright points of 2018

Dec. 21, 2018—Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos reflects on Vanderbilt's work, progress and accomplishments over the past 12 months in his final column of 2018.

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Expert: How to keep your cool—and stick to your budget—on Black Friday

Nov. 14, 2018—Kelly Goldsmith, associate professor of marketing at Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management, is available to discuss shopping behavior on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. She studies how the perception of scarcity drives consumer behavior. Reminders of scarcity prompt consumers to behave selfishly, Goldsmith says, and sales like Black Friday are tailor-made to elicit that...

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‘You don’t blow your diet on Twinkies’: Why consumers seek to maximize goal violations

Aug. 2, 2018—When consumers contemplate violating a personal goal (i.e., cheating on a diet, overspending on a budget), they often seek to make the most of that violation by choosing the most extreme option, according to new research from Kelly Goldsmith.

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Audiences primed for positive storylines from Winter Olympics

Feb. 9, 2018—This year's Winter Olympics is shaping up to be the feel-good story that U.S. audiences are eager for amid an era of fractious politics, according to a Vanderbilt marketing professor.

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A quest to find ‘the best’ may bring out the worst in shoppers

Dec. 1, 2017—Marketers want to motivate consumers to act in their own self-interest, but they may be encouraging negative behavior such as theft or illegal returns, according to new Vanderbilt research.

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