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kathryn humphreys

Kudos: Read about faculty, staff and student awards, appointments and achievements

Jun. 25, 2020—Read about recent faculty, staff and student awards, appointments and achievements.

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Parent depression linked to reduced empathy, putting kids at risk for adverse outcomes

May. 18, 2020—Depression in parents can lead to reduced empathy toward their children, which puts the children at risk for long-term negative impacts.

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Domestic abuse expected to rise during COVID-19 outbreak

May. 1, 2020—The stresses placed on families, combined with the closure of classrooms and child care during the COVID-19 outbreak, heightens the risks of domestic abuse and neglect, according to a new Vanderbilt University report published online in "Pediatrics," the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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Stress and trauma in earliest years linked to reduced hippocampal volume in adolescence

Dec. 19, 2018—There may be a "sensitive period" in which stress is more likely to affect brain development in adolescence, according to Kathryn L. Humphreys, assistant professor of psychology at Vanderbilt and lead author of a new study.

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Immigrant children in ‘tender age shelters’ at risk for psychological disorders

Dec. 19, 2018—The practice of separating immigrant children from their parents is very likely to lead to negative effects on emotional and mental health in adolescence.

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