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Brief outage of internet access for VU on July 18

Jul. 8, 2019—On Thursday, July 18, between 4 and 6:30 a.m., VUIT will replace some network equipment in the Hill and Bryan data centers. During this replacement, VU will experience a brief outage of internet service.

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Research Internet to expand tenfold

Mar. 14, 2016—As the result of a joint faculty and staff project, Vanderbilt’s digital pipeline to the outside world will expand tenfold in the next few months, making it much easier for campus researchers to send and receive the increasingly large data files characteristic of cutting-edge scientific and medical research.

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Practice safe Web browsing to avoid ransomware

Mar. 10, 2016—One of the latest threats in the cyber world is the use of ransomware, a type of malware that prevents a user from accessing his or her system through various forms of encryption. Vanderbilt IT shares the best ways to protect yourself by practicing safe Web browsing.

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Copyright Act needs updating, Vanderbilt law professor testifies before Congress

May. 16, 2013—Daniel Gervais of Vanderbilt Law School told Congress that the copyright system of the United States requires “a comprehensive review and modernization" during testimony May 16.

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Trillion, trillion everywhere

Jan. 20, 2011—The number trillion has popped up in the news several times in recent weeks. On January 11, for example, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey-III – a scientific consortium that includes Vanderbilt – announced that it had created the largest digital image of the sky and is releasing it to the public. The color image contains...

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