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Golden Goose

Honeybee Algorithm receives Golden Goose Award

Sep. 14, 2016—A model of honeybee behavior developed by a VU alum, now adapted to control internet server traffic, won an award honoring obscure or odd-seeming research that led to an important advance.

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Watch: Close the innovation deficit

Mar. 6, 2014—Innovation Deficit: The widening gap between the actual level of government funding for research and higher education and what the investment needs to be if the United States is to remain the world's innovation leader.

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Second annual Golden Goose Awards presented in Washington

Sep. 20, 2013—The Golden Goose Award recognizes significant contributions to scientific understanding through federally funded basic research—research conducted with the goal of increasing scientific understanding rather than providing a solution to a specific problem.

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Award recognizes researcher who discovered diabetes medicine in Gila monster venom

Aug. 1, 2013—Vanderbilt-sponsored Golden Goose Award celebrates University of California researcher's discovery that the poisonous venom of the Gila monster can help prevent some of diabetes’ most severe complications.

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Weird science: Golden Goose Awards recognize obscure but important research

Sep. 14, 2012—Eight scientists, including four Nobel laureates, received the first Golden Goose Awards on Thursday, Sept. 13 at an awards ceremony on Capitol Hill. The award was established to highlight the importance of federally funded basic research that, on the surface, seemed particularly odd or obscure, but which ended up having a large impact on society.

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