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Vanderbilt IRIS Initiative: Shaping the infrastructure of tomorrow

Jan. 18, 2018—Learn about recent developments for the Vanderbilt Initiative for Intelligent Resilient Infrastructure Systems, a 2016 TIPs project led by associate professor of civil and environmental engineering Caglar Oskay focused on improving the nation's flood infrastructure, in this VU BreakThru blog post.

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Vanderbilt expert: Rethinking where/if to rebuild after Hurricanes Irma, Harvey

Sep. 13, 2017—Smarter zoning, better hazard maps and more stormwater management are among the key recommendations Vanderbilt environmental engineer Mark Abkowitz has for coping with extreme weather.

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Research experts on flood impacts to infrastructure, contaminants, policies

Sep. 13, 2017—A number of Vanderbilt professors can provide interviews about rethinking how and why we rebuild after disasters, designing policies to keep Americans safe and predicting extreme weather impacts.

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Recovery continues for those affected by May 2010 flood

Nov. 21, 2011—Give to United Way of Metropolitan Nashville and help St. Luke’s Community House’s Restore the Dream center continue to help Nashvillians recover from the flood Denice O’Neill was scheduled to return to Nashville from a business trip on May 2, 2010. “Of course, that didn’t happen,” she said. It had rained more than 13 inches...

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Flood, sweat and tears: One year later

Jun. 3, 2011—Last year, only days after the floodwaters receded, House Organ published a special issue, “Flood, Sweat and Tears,” examining the 2010 Nashville Flood’s effect on Vanderbilt and its staff and faculty. In this issue, we returned to many of the people profiled in that issue one year ago to check in and ask how they...

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New resource provides help for those affected by May 2010 flood

May. 26, 2011—An additional resource for case management recently was launched for those still recovering from the May 2010 floods in Nashville and surrounding communities.

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Editor’s Note

May. 5, 2011—"View" Editor Joan Brasher reflects on Vanderbilt’s symbols of strength and constancy.

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2010: Year in review

Dec. 23, 2010—A look back at 2010, in no particular order.

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VUCast Special: Do You Believe in Magic…

Dec. 23, 2010—Want to feel good deep down inside? Meet a child who will melt your heart. Watch the inspiration of Vanderbilt students who turned caring for others into a business. And, remember how we all came together in the face of disaster. It’s VUCast’s special year-ender. Happy New Year. 2010 will be remembered at Vanderbilt for...

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VUCast: Lean learning and extreme giving

Oct. 8, 2010—A new way to teach healthy habits to kids and rebuilding what the Nashville flood destroyed.

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Graduating seniors help with flood clean up

Jun. 13, 2010—It’s the worst flood to hit Nashville in centuries. More than 11,000 homes and buildings were damaged and hundreds of staff, faculty and students impacted. Our VUCast crew went out with students who spend the last days of the school year helping those in need.

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Flood, Sweat and Tears: VUCast

Jun. 4, 2010—Some Vanderbilt staffers are still picking up the pieces after Nashville’s record flood.

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