University establishes flood relief fund

A special online Vanderbilt Flood Relief Fund has been established to get resources directed more efficiently within the university community.

All monies donated to the fund are tax deductible for the contributors and minimize tax implications for those receiving aid. In order to preserve the tax benefits, donors to the fund may not designate specific individuals or groups to receive aid. Flood relief contributions made previously to the Employee Hardship Fund will be transferred to the new relief fund, and those contributors also will receive a charitable deduction.

“The magnitude of loss caused to members of our community by this flood is perhaps greater than any other event our city has ever encountered, and than we have ever faced before as a university,” said Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos . “I assure you that helping members of our community navigate through this extraordinarily difficult time is our priority.”

Donate to the Vanderbilt Flood Relief Fund.

Learn about other efforts at Vanderbilt to help flood victims at .

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