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Expanded health plan benefits, salary range changes ahead

Sep. 28, 2017—For 2018, the Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) employee health plan will offer an array of insurance options and new wellness services.

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Zeppos shares vision for ‘inclusive excellence’ at Vanderbilt during Fall Faculty Assembly

Aug. 26, 2016—Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos shared his vision for a Vanderbilt campus that stresses inclusive excellence through its people, places and culture at the fall faculty assembly on Aug. 25.

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Reminder: Labor Day time reporting

Aug. 26, 2016—As a reminder, employees who do not work on Labor Day, Sept. 5, should report their time off as PTO. Vanderbilt University’s enhanced program, which separates holidays from PTO, takes effect Oct. 1.

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New university PTO program guide and accrual charts available online

Jul. 29, 2016—Information about upcoming enhancements to Vanderbilt's PTO program is now available online from Human Resources.

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Chancellor announces major improvements in starting wage, PTO to support staff

Jun. 30, 2016—Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos today announced that the university will raise its starting wage to $12.50 an hour and will increase its PTO plan for qualified employees, including adding the day after Thanksgiving and more than a weeklong winter break as holidays.

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Year-end adjustment coming for Medical Center FlexPTO plan

Apr. 23, 2015—Vanderbilt University Medical Center staff covered under the FlexPTO (Flexible Paid Time Off) policy will have up to 40 hours of accrued, unused FlexPTO time transferred to their grandfathered sick bank.

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Reminder: Reporting your Labor Day time off

Aug. 27, 2014—University central employees who have transitioned to flexPTO and did not work on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 1, should record the time off as an absence under flexPTO.

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Reminder: University Central transitions to flexPTO July 1

Jun. 27, 2014—On July 1, University Central’s flexPTO program will be in place. FlexPTO can be used for planned time off, including vacations and holidays, and for unanticipated absences such as personal or family illnesses.

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Reminder: Independence Day time recording

Jun. 27, 2014—University Central employees who are not working on Friday, July 4, for Independence Day should record the time off as a holiday in Kronos, e-timesheet or Exempt Time Off.

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Updates to Medical Center flexPTO program announced

Jun. 4, 2014—As recently announced, in July 2014, Vanderbilt University Medical Center will make two adjustments to its flexPTO program.

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FlexPTO coming in July for University Central

Apr. 30, 2014—Non-union University Central employees will transition to flexPTO in July, joining the 14,500 Vanderbilt University Medical Center employees who moved to flexPTO in January.

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Vanderbilt to launch new flexible paid time off system for employees

Jul. 23, 2013—In order to more effectively meet the broadly diverse work/life needs across employees’ life phases, Vanderbilt is moving to a modernized benefits plan called flexPTO.

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